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    Volvo Cars of North America, LLC, (VCNA) today announced that its 2012 C70 Inscription package – on sale during the first quarter of next year – will retail for $3,900. The C70 Inscription is a modified version of Volvo’s C70 hardtop convertible featuring added horsepower and torque, and unique interior and exterior details.
    Volvo refines the lineup of its revolutionary XC60 Small Premium Utility as it enters its third model year. The XC60 continues to captivate a new generation of Volvo buyers as well as attracting those who are loyal to the brand. Three distinct levels of performance are now available to satisfy the desires of a wide range of drivers.
    The XC70 is a unique crossover that blends the versatility and practicality for safely transporting people and their gear with the rich heritage of Volvo’s 50-plus years in the premium wagon sector. With its zest for life and the great outdoors, the XC70 is even more appealing for 2012 thanks to the following changes.
    Volvo’s C70 hardtop convertible offers the sporting reflexes and weather-tight security of a turbocharged coupe coupled with the wide-open exhilaration and fresh-air freedom of a convertible. For 2012, Volvo continues to refine this remarkable vehicle to the delight of passionate adventure seekers.

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