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Volvo Sport (1956 -1957)

Volvo Sport (1956 -1957)

When Volvo presented an open 2-seater sports car with a body made of fibreglass-reinforced polyester in 1954, it was something of a sensation. However, the Volvo Sport did not go into production until 1956 and, after a great many problems, production was wound up in 1957. By this time, 67 cars had been built.


The original idea was that this car would only be for export. A convertible was not regarded as wholly suitable for the Swedish climate. However, in spite of this, most of the cars were sold on the domestic Swedish market.


The car was based on standard components, mainly from the Volvo PV444, but it was built on a separate tubular frame. The engine was a developed version of the 4-cylinder, 1.4-litre engine from the PV444. Using twin carburettors, a different camshaft, larger intake valves and higher compression, the engine of the Sport developed 70 bhp. This 70 bhp engine was also used in the 1957 Volvo PV444 destined for the US market. It gave the PV444 good performance and the model was sold as "The family sports car" but was far too expensive in relation to the competition.



Model: Sport

Produced: 67

Body: Open 2-seater

Engine: 4-cylinder, in-line, 1,414 cc, 75 x 80 mm, 70 bhp at 5,500 rpm

Transmission: 3-speed manual with floor-mounted gear lever

Brakes: Hydraulic, drums on all wheels

Dimensions: Total length 422 cm, wheelbase 240 cm.

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