Heritage - Volvo S70/V70/XC70

VOLVO 70-series (1996-2016)

VOLVO 70-series (1996-2016)

Generation I (1996 – 2000)


When 1996 was coming to an end, a new Volvo model range was introduced: the Volvo S70, V70 and V70 XC.


The Volvo 70-series was developed from the successful 850 models, which had been on the market since 1991.


The exterior of the new S70 sedan and V70 estate showed softer styling than its predecessor, but still carried a strong Volvo identity. Inside the car, the dashboard was new as was most of the interior. In the area of safety a number of improvements were made.


The V70 XC was a rugged AWD version with an off-road capability bigger than its looks. It created the XC segment that turned out to be a huge success for Volvo.


A performance version, the S70/V70 R, boasting 250 hp and 0-100 km/h in 6,7 seconds came in 1997 in an extraordinary colour: saffron.


This first generation Volvo 70-series was produced until 2000, when the S70 model name was discontinued and replaced by the S60.


Model specifications, Generation I

Produced: 616,767, (S70: 243,078, V70: 319,832, V70 XC: 53,857)

Body: 4-door sedan, 5-door estate

Engine: 5-cylinder in-line unit, 1,984 cc to 2,435 cc or 5-cylinder in-line 2,461 cc turbo diesel

Transmission: 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic, FWD or AWD.

Brakes: Hydraulic, all-round disc brakes

Dimensions: Overall length 467 cm Wheelbase 267 cm.

Engine: 5-cylinder in-line DOHC 1,984 2,435 cc or Di Turbo Diesel 2,435 or 2,401 cc.

Transmission: 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic.

Brakes: Hydraulic, disc brakes all round

Dimensions: Wheelbase 276 cm.


Generation II (2000 – 2007)

The second generation of the V70 arrived in 2000 with a somewhat softer design and based on the same technical architecture as the S80 from 1998.


The Cross Country version, V70 XC changed name to XC70 in 2002 in order to get harmonized with the new Volvo SUV, XC90.


V70 R came as model year 2003 and was a high performance version: a 2.5 litre engine with 300 hp connected with an AWD system and an active chassis, Four-C.


Generation III (2007 – 2016)

The third generation of the V70 and XC70 was launched at the motor show in Geneva, 2007. They were based upon the same technical architecture as the S80 sedan, launched one year earlier.


The compact V80 from the S80 never found its way into the estates, instead it was a 3-litre, 285 hp, inline turbo six that became the top petrol engine.


The V70 and XC70 was discontinued in April 2016 and succeeded by the V90 and V90 Cross Country.

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