Heritage - Volvo 700 Series

VOLVO 700-series (1982-1992)

VOLVO 700-series (1982-1992)

With the 760 saloon, introduced in early 1982, Volvo entered the small group of manufacturers of prestige vehicles with superior comfort and high performance levels.


The 'basic' version of the 760GLE was powered by a developed version of the French V6 engine previously used in the 260 Series, but was later supplemented by a very fast 4-cyl. turbo version and a 6-cyl.diesel. Thanks to good performance and low fuel consumption, the 760 offered superior comfort over long distances and an unparalleled cruising range.


In 1984 the 740 was introduced as a pure 4-cylinder alternative.


Estate versions was added to both the 760 and the 740 in 1985.


 The most extensive changes the 700-series saloons and estates took place in 1987, when the frontal appearance was changed and independent multi-link rear-wheel suspension introduced, together with hundreds of other major changes, making this a virtually new car.


The most exclusive member of the 700 family was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 1985: the 780.


The Volvo 780 was an exclusive 2-door coupe, in technical terms based on the 760 model.


 It was designed by Italian styling house Bertone, which was also responsible for production of, having gained prior experience with the manufacture of the Volvo 264TE (a limousine version of the 264) and the Volvo 262C, the coupe version of Volvo's 260.


 The Volvo 780 combined elegant, timeless design with a clear Volvo identity. The luxurious interior was also unique to this model, and the rear seat was individually shaped for two occupants.


The Volvo 780 was in production until model year 1990. 



Models: 780, 760, 740

Produced: 1,239,820 (780: 9,116, 760: 221,309, 740: 1,009,395

Body: 2-door coupe/4-door saloon / 5-door estate

Engine: 4-cylinder in-line SOHC 2,3 litres (780 4-cylinder in-line turbo, 2.0 litres), V6 2,8 litres or 2,8 litres Turbo Diesel.

Transmission: 4-speed manual with electrical overdrive or 4-speed automatic

Brakes: Hydraulic, disc brakes all round

Dimensions: Overall length 478.5 cm (780: 479,4), wheelbase 277 cm.

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