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VOLVO PV650-2 (1929-1933)

VOLVO PV650-2 (1929-1933)

The first six-cylinder Volvo engine was ready in 1929. The first car to be equipped with this DB engine was the PV651. The engine had a capacity of just over 3 litres and the output was a modest 55 bhp. It had the luxury of a fully-balanced crankshaft, and it was a strong and flexible unit, two properties that characterise the in-line six as a technical design.


The PV651 and its successor, the PV652, were both longer and wider than previous Volvo cars. All four wheels were given four-wheel brakes as standard, either mechanically (PV651) or hydraulically (PV652) operated.




Model: PV651

Variants: PV652, PV650 Chassis, 650 Special

Produced: 2,382

Body: Saloon or convertible.

Engine: In-line, 6-cylinder with side valves; 3,010 cc; 76.2x110 mm; 55 bhp at 3,000 rpm.

Transmission: 3-speed, non-synchromesh 

PV 650, 1929, Product News
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