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  • Volvo brings together leading experts to discuss Emissions Equality campaign
  • Air quality will be kept at the forefront of discussion

Volvo has launched the third stage in its Emissions Equality campaign which aims to put air quality firmly at the forefront of peoples' minds.


The new Think Tank which comprises influential journalists from What Car and Autocar, Ed Dearnley, policy adviser at Environmental Protection UK, environmental consultant Don Potts, Jay Nagley, the publisher of Clean Green Cars, and representatives from the automotive sector met for the first time and began scoping out how it can help build awareness of air quality among drivers.


Initial topics of conversation included:

  • the feasibility of introducing a label for all automotive air pollutants, not just CO2, similar to that already running in the USA
  • lobbying Government to introduce taxation based on a car's total pollutants, not just CO2
  • the positive impact Euro 5 engines are likely to have on total emissions.

Volvo kick started the debate in the summer of 2010 by calling for an automotive air pollutants label to be introduced alongside the CO2 label that is already displayed in new and used car showrooms. A free iPhone App available from the iTunes Store was launched recently allowing buyers to see the air pollutants label for every new car on sale.


The high-profile Emissions Equality Think Tank becomes an extension of those earlier efforts to keep air quality at the forefront of discussion.


Volvo Car UK's managing director Peter Rask, said: "It is very exciting to get all of these experts in their respective fields working together on a campaign that everyone acknowledges would be an important step in improving UK air quality.


"The Emissions Equality campaign seeks to further educate consumers about emissions and their impact on air quality. With the Environmental Audit Committee predicting 50,000 premature deaths a year through air pollution, any change in attitudes from drivers will be welcome," he added.

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