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The all-new Volvo S60 - more extrovert attitude than any previous Volvo


The all-new Volvo S60 has entered one of the automotive world's toughest segments backed by an extrovert attitude never before seen in Volvo showrooms.

The all-new S60 has been sculpted to move you - both physically and emotionally.


"The sporty design delivers a visual promise of enthusiastic driving characteristics and I can assure you that the all-new S60 truly lives up to that promise. Its driving properties are better than those of any previous Volvo. What is more, the car's innovative new technologies help you become both a better and a safer driver," says Volvo Gerry Keaney, Senior Vice President Marketing, Sales and Customer Service at Volvo Cars.

With its all-new Volvo S60, Volvo Cars is advancing its position in one of the car world's most competitive segments: CD Premium.

"The competition is razor-sharp and the customers know exactly what they want. The emphasis is on emotional stance, sporty design and dynamic driving properties. Success in this segment means a lot for the brand's image and we are convinced that the all-new S60 will be one of the strongest contenders," says Gerry Keaney.

The first-generation Volvo S60 was launched in 2000. It soon became Volvo Cars' most popular model, enjoying worldwide acclaim and peak sales of 110,000 cars in 2002. All told, there are about 600,000 S60s on roads the world over today.


Uniform global spread

The initial annual target for the all-new Volvo S60 is 90,000 cars and this time too, the car's customer base is spread unusually uniformly throughout the world. Europe (including Russia), North America, and the rest of the world will each account for about one-third of total sales.

The five largest single markets will be the USA, China, Russia, Sweden and Great Britain.

The all-new S60 is built at the Volvo Cars factory in Ghent, Belgium.

"Irrespective of whether the customers are in the USA, Europe or elsewhere in the world, they all prioritise the same characteristics. Now we are giving them an entirely new S60 that has a unique appeal to even the most discerning of buyers," says Gerry Keaney.


Embracing contrasts

The all-new S60 is a Volvo that embraces contrasts. Its clear driver orientation makes it the ideal companion for the keen driving enthusiast. At the same time, it integrates high-tech innovation that helps it protect one of the most vulnerable road-users in modern traffic: the pedestrian.

Pedestrian Detection with full auto brake is a groundbreaking technological solution. It can detect pedestrians who walk into the road in front of the car, warn the driver - and automatically apply full braking power if the driver does not respond in time.

"Pedestrian Detection with full auto brake takes Volvo Cars' traditional care for the human being to a whole new dimension. In recent years, we have introduced a number of solutions that help the driver avoid accidents with other vehicles. Now we are taking a giant step forward with technology that helps to increase safety for unprotected road users as well," says Tomas Ahlborg, Project Director for the all-new Volvo S60. He adds:

"As far as we know, we are the first car maker in the world to offer a complete system that can detect, alert and automatically brake to avoid pedestrians."

For Tomas Ahlborg, who also served as one of the driving forces behind the first-generation S60, responsibility for the development of the all-new Volvo S60 has been the most exciting challenge of his career.

"The brief from the company's executive management was short and to the point: create Volvo's sportiest car ever. Personally, I'm one hundred percent delighted with the result. The all-new S60 is an uncompromisingly sporty sedan. Every single detail is in total harmony with the car's dynamic credentials," he explains.


Eldorado for car enthusiasts

In simple terms, car buyers can be divided into two main categories: enthusiasts and pragmatists. For the enthusiast, the car is a high-priority conversation topic that can never be exhausted, while the pragmatist only shows interest in cars when it is time to replace his or her current vehicle with a new one every three or four years or so.

In a historical perspective, Volvo's brand has attracted more pragmatists than enthusiasts. However, as each successive generation of Volvo models became increasingly emotional, that picture has changed - and the all-new S60 is packed with all the ingredients from the enthusiast's favourite menu.

"The number ‘60' in our model range nowadays indicates our sportiest models. The XC60 was the first step. With the all-new S60, we are placing ourselves right on the car enthusiasts' radar screens and we have expanded the range by introducing the new Volvo V60 sportswagon," says Tomas Ahlborg.

Old S60, 2011
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