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• App updates include two new video functions to deliver a more consistent brand image

• Volvo Selekt approved used car sales totalled 20,400 in 2015, a 9% year-on-year increase


Volvo Car UK has upgraded its Used Car Locator function with an app for dealers to use to upload photos and video of their Volvo Selekt approved used car stock, in line with brand standards, as well as the ability to create personalised films to respond to individual customer enquiries.


Originally introduced to the Volvo dealer network in 2015, updates to the app are now being rolled out to create a smoother flow of used car information to customers, create the opportunity for personalisation and to improve efficiency for the dealers.


Customers are able to compare Volvo Selekt used car stock available from their local dealer without having to click into the individual car to understand its specification. Customers also have access to more searchable options and additional information about each used car.


With more consumers using locators to research their next used car purchase, the app delivers a more consistent brand image while also improving efficiency for the dealers.


The app has been available for dealers to upload photos since last June, allowing dealers to quickly produce images in line with brand standards without leaving the forecourt. Two new video functions are now being rolled out to further improve the customer experience and support the dealer network to achieve their used car sales targets.


The app can now be used to produce a 60-second overview of each car, produced in a standard format directing the dealer to include the key features customers are looking for. This video is instantly uploaded to the locator, making the car immediately searchable. An optional additional feature allows the dealer to send a personalised video in response to individual customer enquiries, detailing specific features the customer has asked to see. The photos and videos will give motorists extra peace of mind in locating and buying a car from the Volvo dealer network, while also delivering a consistent brand standard.


"Volvo Selekt approved used car sales totalled 20,400 in 2015, a 9% year-on-year increase," said Bruce Greenwood, National Used Car Programme Manager at Volvo Car UK. "The additional app functions have been put in place to support our dealerships' sales teams, so the time promoting used vehicles is better managed. Importantly, our customers receive improved vehicle details instantly, which enable them to compare used car stock in their local area quickly and easily. Year-on-year Volvo Selekt sales growth for 2016 is running in excess of 12%.


The app has three virtual functions:



The app gives ghost images for dealers to line the photos of their cars up against to ensure a consistent position and angle on the site. The four main exterior images then have a template backdrop added to them so they look clear and professional, allowing stronger impressions of the brand to customers.


The image will be live within a day of being taken and will allow for the backdrop to be added. The system mandates a minimum of seven images per car, but there is no maximum.


One-minute video

The app gives a start point and directions for a film to be shot – for example, a front three-quarter shot, moving round to an interior shot. The film is taken in four 15-second stages and is then automatically stitched together to create one film, which goes live instantly.


Personal video

An optional extra for dealers, when customers view a used car video, a 'request video' button appears at the bottom of the media player. A customer can then write any specific features or parts of the car they want to see in depth – for example, the condition of the alloys or underneath the bonnet – and the salesman can email it to them. The dealer is able to log on to the app and film an individual response, which can include a personal welcome. Recording can be paused as many times as the dealer likes and all sections are automatically stitched into one film to review before emailing a link to the customer.



Notes to Editors:

• The app has been created for Volvo Car UK by AutosOnShow.TV

• To see examples of the app's videos in action, please visit Paul Rigby's Volvo Selekt used car site here:



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