The all-new Volvo XC90 - infotainment animation

03 jun, 2014 ID: 147108
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The designers and engineers behind Volvo’s all-new XC90, which will be revealed later this year, have completely re-conceived the way drivers operate their cars by dispensing with the normal array of buttons and replacing them with a large tablet-like touch screen, a head-up display and thumb controls on the steering wheel. The result is the most modern in-car control system on the market, which is crucially easier to use, ensuring drivers will be able to keep their eyes on the road as much as possible while operating or making adjustments to the system. It also uses the car’s interior space far more efficiently and offers a range of additional benefits such as integrated cloud-based applications for music streaming and other services, such as the world’s first integrated Park and Pay application, and the ability to mirror and use Apple iOS devices in the touch screen display.
XC90, Produktnyheter

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