Try out City Safety at Geneva Motor Show


The world-first safety system City Safety is a standard feature in the all-new Volvo XC60 - and during the 79th Geneva Motor Show media and visitors will be able to test how City Safety works on a special outdoor test track.


Volvo Car Switzerland chose a special way to launch the all-new Volvo XC60 with City Safety. "Our cars feature great safety concepts, but it is often difficult to let people experience them", says Andreas Block, Director Marketing & Public Affairs Volvo Car Switzerland. "Therefore, we decided to launch a national Volvo XC60 road show to demonstrate City Safety in four major Swiss cities".

The highlight of the Swiss City Safety Road show will take place at Geneva Motor show, starting on the second press day, March 4th, and will be open during the public days for visitors March 5-15th. On a special outdoor test track, visitors and journalists can check out City Safety themselves and drive a new Volvo XC60 against an obstacle - and experience a how City Safety brakes the car, without any assistance from the driver.

The Swiss "Volvo XC60 City Safety Road show" has already been a success in Zurich, Berne and Basel. "People are very impressed by City Safety when they test it", says Eveline Bauert, Communication Manager Volvo Cars Switzerland. "We also get a lot of credit from city authorities - we are, for instance, the first car-maker ever allowed to run test drives inside the big hall of the Zurich central station". Next stop will be at Geneva Motor Show.

The road show has been promoted via a special media teaser ("How can rear-end accidents be avoided?") and through a special website www.city-safety.ch. Website users can submit suggestions and ideas on how to avoid rear-end collisions. The winners will receive prices worth over 10,000 Swiss francs. There are also videos from the test drives available on the site.

The roadshow is organised in cooperation with the insurance company Basler Versicherungen which is cutting insurance premiums for Volvo XC60 owners by 20 percent thanks to the car's advanced safety systems. Another partner is the Schleudertraumaverband Schweiz (the Swiss Whiplash Association) which recently officially recommended the Volvo WHIPS seats and City Safety system nationwide for their capacity to significantly reduce the danger of whiplash injuries.


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