Named Vice-Chairman, Volvo Car Corporation

Title: Senior advisor Rothschild

Present position:  Senior advisor Rotschild

Joined Volvo Car: 1966
Born:  14 Dec 1941

Education: Pol mag Gothenburg University

Previous positions:
2000 -2005 CEO Volvo Car
1998 -2000 CEO Volvo Car North America
1990 -1996 CEO Volvo Car Japan
1987 -1989 Head of Global Marketing
1982 -1986 Head of Area Overseas
1977 -1981 Head of Dalslandsverken
1969 -1972 Head of material administration Volvo Trucks
1966 -1968 System engineer ,Volvo Car and Volvo Trucks


Civil status: Married, two daughters


Hobbies: Running, skiing, boat



Hans-Olov Olsson has spent most of his professional career at Volvo, where he has held several senior positions throughout the years.  Few people know Volvo Car as well as Hans-Olov Olsson does and he even played a central role during Geely's bid for Volvo Car. As a senior advisor for the investment bank Rothschild, Hans-Olov advised Geely on the acquisition of Volvo Car. Having spent over 6 years in Asia and with good relations to Ford, Hans-Olov could play an important role during the transaction period.


Apart from Hans-Olov's extensive Volvo experience, he also sits in the board in the following companies: Elanders, SKF and Rothschild. Hans-Olov is Chairman of the board for Chalmers University of Technology and is a member of the board in King Carl Gustaf's trust called Ungt ledarskap, Anna Lindh's memory fund and Tällberg Forum.


Hans-Olov Olsson is married to Monika and they have two daughters, Ellika and Lovisa.


Volvo mensen, Overzicht
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