Per Ericsson named new head of Volvo Event Management Golf

mei 23, 2008 ID: 15454


Per Ericsson has been named new manager of Volvo Event Management Golf, succeeding Mel Pyatt, who has retired. He will assume his position on June 1.


Per Ericsson, 45, is a graduate economist and has more than 20 years experience in leading positions within events and media, including from the Swedish Exhibition Center in Göteborg and the Carat media agency. He has also served as CEO of Novamedia that, among other products, produces the Swedish TV game shows Bingolotto and Postkodmiljonären.


"Few get the privilege of working with the Volvo brand for a long-term positioning in which golf is an important ingredient and there was no way to say no," says Per Ericsson. "Volvo's three main golf tournaments are truly top-quality events that promote a strong brand. I am also a strong fan of amateur golf and hope to further develop Volvo Masters Amateur , which has enormous potential."

Volvo Car's sponsoring toghether with Volvo Group within golf involves the Volvo Masters, Volvo China Open, Volvo Masters of Asia and Volvo Masters Amateur.
Per Ericsson's golf handicap is 15.

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