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Name: Alexander ‘Lex' Kerssemakers


Present position: Senior Vice President Americas

Born: Netherlands, 1960


Education: Graduated in Automotive Business Management, Institute of Automotive Management, Driebergen, Netherlands, 1982

Marketing Management, Hogeschool of Eindhoven, 1986

Global Leadership Program Senior Management, Ford Motor Company, 2004

Executive Shadowing Program, Ford Motor Company, 2009


Previous positions within Volvo Car Group:

2011- 2014 Senior Vice President, Product Strategy & Vehicle Line Management

2009 -2010 President, Volvo Car Overseas Corp.
2004 -2009 Senior Vice President, Brand, Business & Product Strategy
2002 -2004 Vice President Global Marketing, Volvo Cars, Göteborg
2000 -2002 Vice President, Product Business Strategy, Volvo Cars, Göteborg
1999 -2000 Regional Offer Manager for Benelux and UK, Volvo Cars Market Area Europe, Brussels, Belgium
1996 -1999 Vice President, Product Marketing, Volvo Cars Central Marketing, Brussels, Belgium

Interests: Sports (snowboarding, mountain/road biking, field hockey, tennis), classic cars

Lex Kerssemakers (Netherlands, 1960) has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. He has so far spent 16 years in executive and senior management roles in Volvo Car Group. Lex Kerssemakers has a fundamental understanding of industry mechanisms, acquired through senior positions in corporate and product strategy, purchasing, sales & marketing, thus capturing both the industrial and commercial systems. He gained insight from both Supplier and Manufacturing side of automotive business. Lex Kerssemakers is characterised by global competence and experience, having worked and lived in UK, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands leading international teams. As part of executive management, he has served under Swedish, American and Chinese ownership consequently aligning shareholder and customer perspectives.

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