Volvo Wagon Image: Thor Strikes Again

Volvo Wagon Image: Thor Strikes Again


Volvo Continues to Boost its V70 Wagon's Performance Image with Striking High Performance Concept Model


First unveiled before the world's automotive press at the 2001 Frankfurt Auto Show, Volvo's newest concept model rolls into Los Angeles. This three-hundred horsepower all-wheel-drive V70 features a continuously controlled adjustable chassis and an enviable menu of high-performance features from a company that used to be "boxy and boring."


The Performance Concept Car 2 is decidedly not just for trips to the local grocery store. The computer controlled chassis monitors suspension travel every alternate millisecond, measuring precise wheel position and road grip. The system then adjusts suspension damping for each wheel.


"This is our second high-performance vehicle study - built around real-world technologies and current production models. The original PCC S60 introduced at the last Paris show and now the PCC V70 suggest that Volvo knows how to integrate safety, performance and style," said Lars Erik Lundin, VP & General Manager of the Volvo Monitoring & Concept Center, based in Camarillo, CA.


In keeping with its "Volvo for Life" brand positioning, the PCC2 wagon certainly makes life in the fast lane more interesting, offering a five-cylinder engine pumping 300 horsepower and an astounding 295 lb. ft. of torque. Mated to this beast is a six-speed, manual transmission designed by Volvo engineering for this application. "We interpret 'Volvo for Life' as meaning the design of cars that protect life, offer a long service life and provide a lifetime of fun for the driver...the PCC2 V70 certainly delivers all of these," added Lundin.


Dressed in stylish Volvo Laser Blue, the V70 shown at Los Angeles isn't likely to be seen on American roadways anytime soon. But, it does offer a fascinating glimpse into Volvo's design and production future. "Our state-of-the-art AWD technology combined with Volvo's popular wagon design suggests a new direction for performance-oriented vehicles. A continuously updated suspension makes for better road handling at all times. This is clearly an everyday benefit and is more likely to pass to our full line models than perhaps the PCC2's abundant engine. But, you never know," says Dan Werbin, President and CEO, Volvo Cars of North America, LLC. - with a smile.

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