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Volvo Car Corporation recalls child seat



Volvo Car Corporation has stopped the sales of the Volvo ISOFIX Infant Safety Seat. Seats that have already been sold will be recalled and replaced.


The reason for stopping the sales and recall those seats already sold, is that the carrying handle may come loose from its mountings when the seat is used outside the car. The protective effect in a potential crash is however not affected at all since the problem only affects the mounting of the carrying handle. It can therefore safely be used as intended, fitted to its ISOFIX frame in the car. It should, however, not be used for carrying the child outside the car.


The reason for that the handle may come loose, is that cracks may occur around the pivot point fitting screws that hold the handle to the seat itself. These cracks may in the worst case lead to the handle coming loose from the seat.


Volvo Cars is not aware of any incident with personal injury as a consequence of this problem – which has been detected during Volvo tests – but still chooses to stop the sales of the seat.


In total some 1,400 seats have been delivered. Until replacement seats are available, Volvo Cars recommends the customers to continue to use the Volvo Infant Safety Seat in the ISOFIX frame in the car until the seat has been replaced. This replacement will of course be without cost. The customers are kindly requested to contact their nearest Volvo dealer for more information.

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