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The new Volvo S60 R and Volvo V70 R combine ultimate driving experience with intelligent functionality



  • True performance car
  • Ultimate driving experience combined with intelligent functionality
  • Sales start spring 2003
  • 7,000 cars per year

The new Volvo S60 R and Volvo V70 R are true performance cars.
They are designed for the ultimate driving experience without compromising the intelligent functionality that is the hallmark of Volvo.
"In the R car you can feel like a racing driver, but you don’t have to be one to control it", says Hans Nilsson, Car Line Manager R, Volvo Car Corporation.


Three-button interface
According to this philosophy, it gives the driver easy access to the extremely sophisticated technology.
This is why the interface between man and machine comes in a very smart and functional package – the three Comfort, Sport and Advanced Sport control buttons.
"If you are interested, you can immerse yourself in the technology and learn all about the features. Alternatively, you can just use your finger to choose which type of driver you want to be. It takes just a push on a button to change from the ultimate performance car to a relaxing family car. One thing is for sure, though. Both will give you the time of your life", says Hans Nilsson.


Image boost
All previous R launches – from the first-ever introduction of the yellow T-5R in 1995 – have helped make driving pleasure an even stronger Volvo virtue. The mission of the new R concept is to give Volvo an even firmer presence in the "driving excitement" category.
 "This time, the message is much stronger since the technology level in the new R concept is much higher", says Hans Nilsson. "Our previous R models were focused on extreme estate cars. This time, we are also showing that we mean business with a sports sedan. We have enhanced the driving experience in the S60 R, which is an exceptionally fun-to-drive car even in standard form. We therefore expect to sell more S60 R than V70 R models."


On sale next spring
Sales of the new Volvo S60 R and Volvo V70 R start in spring 2003. Volvo expects to sell 7,000 R cars a year, and the five largest markets are the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Sweden.
 The segment is extremely male-dominated. In Europe, 97 percent of the buyers of such cars are men. The corresponding figure for the United States is 94 percent.
However, there are differences between these major markets. 
 "This type of car attracts a younger buying group in Europe. Here, it’s more about posing and performance, while the American buyers have a more relaxed attitude. They look for a top-of-the-line car that is fun to drive," says Hans Nilsson.


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