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The new Volvo C70 – "Two in One": Emotion and Sophistication



Few if any other car type is as emotional as a convertible. It is a type of car that radiates an active lifestyle, youth and fun rather than pragmatic properties like practicality, functionality and common sense. But with the new Volvo C70, there is no need to set these rationales aside.  It offers the best of both worlds.
In the beginning, cars were open because there was no other option. If you rode in a car, you were exposed to the elements. Closed car bodies did not appear until the early 1900s. A hundred years later, cars are open for the sake of pure fun. And fun is the key element when it comes to the new Volvo C70. A car that is fun to drive and to live with. In an intelligent way.


Buying a car is a big investment and the deal is usually preceded by a good deal of rational reasoning. But a convertible is bought with the heart whereas most other cars are bought with the brain. The purchase of a convertible is largely governed by emotions rather than concrete facts. However loaded with emotions, the C70 has a lot of "brainy" common sense in it too. Clever fun at its best.


No compromise
A person who chooses a Volvo C70 convertible should not have to make a lot of compromises. There is room for people, and there is room for people's needs.
The C70 is a full-grown four-seater. It may not be the first retractable hardtop in history, but it has the first three-piece top on a full four-seater in the premium segment. Getting the top down is a less than 30-second operation when the car is stationary.
Because the new C70 seats four adults, every consideration has been made in order to ensure that rear seat travel is a pleasant and comfortable experience.
The two rear seats have comfortably angled backrests with generous space to the sides, and ample room for the legs too. With a practical control on the backrest, the front seats are moved forwards for easy entry to the rear seat.


Good use has been made of every centimetre in the car to enhance passenger comfort. Despite the compact dimensions of the car there is ample space and room for personal effects.


Locking your stuff away
In the passenger compartment there are spacious storage areas beside each seat. Several of them are linked to the car’s central locking system for convenient locking using the remote control. In addition, a completely new system is being launched – Private Locking – whereby certain areas can be locked with the key from the glove compartment. Private Locking is particularly useful when the car is parked with the roof down.
The remote control alarm system can be activated with the top up or down.
The boot is very spacious for a convertible of this size. It has a 400-litre capacity with the roof up – two big suitcases or golf bags – and 200 litres with the roof down. A practical boot divider makes it easy to assess how much can be loaded with the roof down. To facilitate loading and unloading when the roof is down, the whole roof package is lifted up at the touch of a control button.
A ‘through-hatch’ in the backrest of the rear seat also makes it possible to transport long objects like skies inside the car.


No ruffled hair…
A convertible is of course at its best with the top down and should be enjoyed that way. But there used to be a price to pay for that pleasure. Draughts, leaks, stiff necks and cold feet used to be convertible key words in the past. Today, even the most carefully arranged coiffure will stay intact in a Volvo C70 thanks to the attention paid to cabin comfort even with the top down.
An accessory windblocker does the trick by "sealing off" the front seats from the turbulence that always occurs behind the windscreen. By covering the entire area behind the front seat backs, like a deck lid, and using a semi-permeable barrier, the wind-stream is broken and the car becomes a sporty two-seater with excitingly good looks.


…or glowing feet
For those who want to feel the fresh air even in poor weather, the climate system will take care of this. Where the open sports car of yesterday gave its occupant freezing heads and glowing feet, the system in the new C70 can be fine-tuned according to taste and choice, no matter whether the top is up or down. The Electronic Climate Control allows the temperature and other adjustments to be set separately and maintained regardless of ambient conditions.


Pleasant for mind and body
To make life even more pleasant, especially for those with asthma or allergies, there is a cabin filter and an advanced air-quality monitoring system that ensures that the air you breathe is as clean as possible. This is done by shutting out unhealthy particles, gases and odours.
All interior fabrics also meet the Öko-Tex Standard 100 which is a standard that ensures that textiles and leather are free from allergy-inducing substances, health-impairing ingredients and harmful emissions.
The interior details have been tested in view of contact allergies, complying with nickel leakage requirements for jewellery.
For your well-being.



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