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The all new Volvo C70 – Volvo expects to double volumes compared with the first generation C70




  • Annual sales target just over 16,000 vehicles
  • 50 per cent of sales in the United States
  • Produced in collaboration with Pininfarina
  • Built in Uddevalla, SwedenThe Volvo Car Corporation has introduced the second generation of the Volvo C70 Convertible, and the company is highly optimistic of the new model's future.  “It takes a generation to become an established player in the premium segment for open cars. Having built up a considerable body of knowledge and consolidating our credibility even further, we expect to double sales compared with the first generation's best year,” says Volvo Car Corporation President and CEO Fredrik Arp.The first generation C70 Convertible peaked in 2004 with sales of over 8,000. The annual sales target for the all new C70 is therefore just over 16,000.  The all new Volvo C70 will be marketed worldwide. The largest market is the USA, which is expected to account for 50 per cent of the volume. The UK and Germany are also major convertible markets and the three countries will together account for around 75 per cent of sales of the all new Volvo C70.  The all new Volvo C70 made its appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show and sales will commence during the first half of 2006.

Two cars in one
Thanks to the retractable hardtop, purchasers of the second generation Volvo C70 can enjoy the car with the roof both up and down without having to make any compromises. Volvo is one of the first manufacturers on the market with a roof in three sections.
  “The C70 is also one of the first open cars in the premium segment with both a retractable hardtop and room for four adults. We feel this is an extremely attractive combination and we expect in particular to win over purchasers who face choosing between a convertible and a coupe. Here they have both cars in one. The touch of a button transforms an elegant convertible into an equally elegant coupe,” says Fredrik Arp.


Collaboration with Pininfarina
Volvo is responsible for the design, while the development and manufacture of the new open model will take place in collaboration with the highly respected Italian company Pininfarina. Volvo employees from design, construction and purchasing have been on site throughout the entire development phase in Turin.
  As with its predecessor, the all new Volvo C70 will be built at the plant in Uddevalla, which is now known as Pininfarina Sverige AB.
  “We have a very strong team. Pininfarina is an excellent partner with long experience of convertibles. The facility in Uddevalla has also built up its production routines since the first generation C70 was introduced in 1997,” says Fredrik Arp.


First pure joint venture
The positive spirit is shared by Pininfarina.
  “The joint venture with Volvo Cars is an ideal form of co-operation for Pininfarina since both companies have a passion for design and a wealth of knowledge gained over many years,” says the company’s president Andrea Pininfarina. “Up to now we have designed and built cars at our own plants, while the Volvo C70 will be the first car to be built by Pininfarina in another country.”
  “It is also the first time we have entered into what is a pure joint venture with a car manufacturer,” concludes Andrea Pininfarina.



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