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Shower of awards over Volvo Car Corporation at advertising festival in Cannes



The Volvo Car Corporation received a great deal of attention at the annual advertising festival in Cannes. Tim Ellis, director of global advertising at Volvo Cars, accepted a grand total of five awards.
Volvo Cars received the prestigious Titanium Lion award for the advertising campaign "Life on board project". In the cyber class Volvo also received a gold lion for Best Interactive Campaign, a silver lion for Internet Advertising and a bronze lion for Virital Marketing.
The Life on Board campaign was created by Volvo Cars European advertising agency, Fuel Europe, Netherlands EuroRSCG.


According to the head of the jury, Jeff Goodby, Volvo Cars won because the company has created a new way of talking to the consumer. Furthermore, the human aspect of the campaign was unique and original.
Together with Volvo Cars Sweden and their Gothenburg bureau Forsman & Bodenfors, Volvo also received a gold lion in the newsprint category for cars.
"Our aim is to produce world-class, idea based campaigns that built a modern brand, and also invite people to engage with our products on a deeper level. Our success in Cannes is both inspiring and gratifying, and the fact that the festival recognized our work as ground breaking only fuels our commitment toward continuing our mission," says Tim Ellis.


Information on the results of the festival is available at


For additional information, contact Christer Gustafsson, Press officer at Volvo Car Corporation. +46 31 59 65 25.


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