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Volvo Cars Conrod Production in Floby, Sweden, to Triple



Annual production of connecting rods at the Floby plant, owned by Volvo Car Corporation, to triple by 2008 to meet growing demand from Volvo Cars and other Ford Motor Company brands in Europe.

“The decision is very positive for the plant”, comments Hans Gustavsson, Floby Plant Manager. “Significant investments will be made in order to handle the higher capacity. Until 2008, the annual production of conrods will increase from last years 1,9 million units to about 5,8 million”.

Current production of conrods in Floby is principally manufactured for Volvo Cars' own engines. This is being increased to meeting new demand from Volvo Cars. In addition, the customer group will be extended to comprise also other engines across the Ford family as the Floby plant becomes conrod centre within Ford Motor Company.

With production tripled, there will be a need for new recruitments. This, however, will be handled through relocation of the present staff at Volvo Cars.

“This is a clear evidence of Floby's competitiveness in an extremely tough market”, says Magnus Hellsten, Senior Vice President Production at Volvo Cars. “Unique technical solutions, together with the commitment of our employees helped secure this decision.



Volvo Cars Engine Floby plant has an almost fifty year old tradition of being a main supplier of Volvo components. The plant was opened in 1957. The current production comprises connecting rods for petrol and diesel car engines, brake discs for cars and wheel hubs for trucks and buses.  The plant has 380 employees.

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