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Volvo Cars' designers women of the year



Volvo's car designers Anna Rosén and Maria Uggla have been chosen women of the year by the Swedish magazine Damernas värld.
“We are so proud of this and see it as a recognition that Volvo is on the right track in listening to what women want in their cars”.


Anna Rosén is the exterior designer for the YCC, Your Concept Car by Volvo and Maria Uggla is responsible for the colour and trim for the same car. The YCC was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2004 and was an instant hit with both media and the general public.
“I wanted to show that function can be beautiful. You should not be forced to choose between a practical and a beautiful car. The YCC is the best of both worlds”, says Anna Rosén.

YCC is the first car ever where all decisions have been made by women. The result is a stunning sports coupe with gull wing doors and an amazing variety of practical solutions.
“I wanted the interior to have more of a living room feeling than a cockpit. And to have a Scandinavian touch with light and honest materials like bleached laminated oak and brushed aluminium”, explains Maria Uggla.
She also designed the exchangeable seat pads that give you the opportunity to change the entire look and feel of the car interior in two minutes.


Woman of the year: Volvo Cars' exterior designer Anna Rosén, 28.
Woman of the year: Volvo Cars' colour and trim designer Maria Uggla, 42



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