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VOLVO TR701-4 (1935-1937)

VOLVO TR701-4 (1935-1937)

TR stands for "trafikvagn", Swedish for taxicab. The TR701-704 were the successors to the TR671-679 purpose-built taxicabs.


The corresponding standard versions were designated PV656-659. The TR had a longer wheelbase and seven seats. There was a side-valve six-cylinder engine, 'EC', under the bonnet. The Volvo cab was loved by its users and was almost immune to wear and tear.




Model: TR701-4

Variants: TR 701 (with glass division), TR 702 Chassis, TR 703 (with glass division), TR 704 (without glass division)

Produced: 936

Body: Taxicab

Engine: In-line, 6-cyl, side valves; 3,670 cc; 84.14x110 mm; 80-84 bhp at 3,300 rpm.

Transmission: 3-speed, floor lever.

Brakes: Hydraulic.

Dimensions: Wheelbase 3,100 or 3,250 mm.

TR 701, Historical, 1935
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