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Volvo S60 - Sports sedan with stronger personality



  • New front with more dynamic appearance and re-designed head lamps
  • Increased level of colour-coordination and trim alternatives
  • New rear bumper and re-designed transparent tail lamps
  • Revised interior, including a new elegant tunnel console with multifunctional armrest
  • New generation of Volvo seats and new upholsteries
  • Accessory Sports Concept – designed together with the car

“This is far more than just a facelift,” says Steve Harper, Platform Chief designer. “We have made comprehensive changes – outside to enhance the car’s sporty profile, and inside to boost the sensation of quality and comfort.”
  The model year 2005 Volvo S60 has been renewed in a large number of areas, which together give the car a stronger appearance and character and at the same time emphasise the ties to the rest of the Volvo range.


Bolder front with new headlamps
The front is entirely new, with a more distinct nose with rounder contours. The grille is larger and set somewhat lower to give a more dynamic stance. The grille in the S60 is black, as is the lower air intake, setting the sedan apart from the V and XC models. The dark headlamp surrounds and the round foglamps also help create a distinct profile.
  The headlamps too are new, with clear lenses and high performance reflector design (for both the halogen and Bi-Xenon lamps). At the same time, Volvo has switched from glass to plastic, which is lighter and more resistant to stone-chip damage. It is also gentler on pedestrians in the event of a collision. Volvo’s traditional headlamp wipers have been replaced with high-pressure washers set into pop-up nozzles.
  The windscreen wipers are of the latest type, featuring integrated flat blades. They have a more modern appearance and produce less wind noise than traditional wiper blades do. What is more, they apply more pressure on the windscreen, which improves wiper effectiveness.
More trim and more choice
Colour-matched side trim mouldings are now standard and boost the coordinated impression of the Volvo S60. The lower body line (sills, lower door trims and lower part of the bumpers) is black, but can be optionally specified in body colour.
  The bumper corners feature decorative and practical protective mouldings. They are colour-matched as standard and can also be specified with a slim chrome-plated decorative moulding. The corner mouldings can easily be replaced in the event of damage.


Harmonized rear design
The Volvo S60 has become sportier at the rear too. The tail lamps have a more technically-inspired design with transparent glass and visible bulbs. The light pattern has also been changed.
  “We have made it easier to recognise a Volvo from the rear in the dark,” explains Steve Harper.
  “At the same time, we have redesigned the bumper so it harmonises better with the boot’s sharply cut-off profile.”
  The exhaust tailpipe too has been modified, with a high-gloss finish and proportions that better reflect the engine’s power. The 2.0T, 2.5T and T5 models feature chrome-plated tailpipes. In parallel, the cutout in the bumper skirt has been integrated more smoothly than before.


Interior with higher quality impression
Volvo’s designers have focused hard on making the interior comfortable and inviting.
  “We have spared no effort to ensure that the quality perception is the best imaginable,” says Steve Harper. “With homogeneous contours, natural materials, flexible functions and new trim alternatives, we aimed at reinforcing the feeling of Scandinavian design at its best.”
  For example, the centre console – the car’s central control panel – has a slimmer design with a decorative surrounding frame in materials such as genuine walnut or authentic aluminium (light or dark). Even the panel’s dark-grey shade has been altered to provide better contrast with the controls and make them easier to use.
  The audio system, which has been upgraded with Dolby Pro Logic II, has new, separate buttons for quick selection of radio stations and functions, and the most advanced system has an integrated CD changer for no less than six discs.


Smart tunnel console with the emphasis on versatility
The tunnel console is entirely new, with a more homogeneous design and far stiffer construction than before. This considerably boosts the aura of quality. An elegant roller shutter conceals an illuminated compartment for storage that also includes improved cupholders.
  The armrest between the front seats is also entirely new.
“My design team and I are particularly proud of this,” comments Steve Harper. “It’s designed for what we consider to be the ultimate, multi-functional armrest. In fact we nicknamed it 'the American Dream'. It has a number of practical features – cupholders, trays and a storage compartment that can be utilised in a variety of ways.”
  The rear armrest also has a new, more functional design with fixed cupholders and a higher-quality feel.

  • New generation of Volvo seatsA new generation of Volvo seats is now being introduced, offering improved seating comfort and more convenient adjustment. The seats have:
  • added vertical adjustment (+12 mm) – with a new “pump control”
  • simpler adjustment of seat angle – with yet another “pump control”
  • improved controls for lumbar support (require less force to turn)
  • slimmer head restraints, providing better visibility from the rear seat


New upholsteries
A series of new upholsteries enhance the feeling of quality in the model year 2005 Volvos.

  • SOVEREIGN HIDE – A NEW SOFT LEATHER UPHOLSTERYSovereign Hide has leather on all the seat surfaces and is made of the finest hide. 5% extra leather and seams with longer stitches create an exclusive effect. Sovereign Hide gives a high-class ambience of Scandinavian craftsmanship at its very best. An extra layer of 10 mm thick foam padding also makes the seat softer and more comfortable.Sovereign Hide is available in three colours:
  • Linen White – with darker seams – is Volvo’s most exclusive upholstery ever. It is available in two combinations, with the interior in classic Oak or for attractive contrast in Off-Black.
  • Off-Black – with light-grey seams – for a sportier touch
  • Oak/Arena – gives a more classically elegant impression
  • NORDBORG – A DYNAMIC COMBINATION OF LEATHER AND RUBBER-LIKE TEXTILE Nordborg is a sporty new upholstery made of rubbery fabric with leather trim. Some surfaces are upholstered in vinyl of high quality, with a printed, leather-like pattern. Nordborg is available in three colours:
  • Grey
  • Arena
  • Light Sand
  • Accessory Sports ConceptWith the new design package – Accessory Sports Concept – the S60 owner can give the car an extra-sporty feel. The package features:
  • Body kit
  • Rear spoiler
  • 8x18" aluminium wheels
  • Sports steering wheel
  • Sporty textile floor mats
  • Sporty gearknob and gearchange gate


“All these components were designed to create a harmonious and dynamic impression and to reinforce the car’s sporty driving properties,” concludes Steve Harper.



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