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Global crowdsourcing initiative on Facebook shapes future versions of Volvo on Call



A global crowdsourcing initiative on Volvo Cars global and local Facebook pages was conducted during the start of 2013. The answers were collected as part of the developing process of future versions of the Volvo on Call mobile application. Over 1 million Facebook fans saw the initiative and thousands participated, clearly displaying the needs and dreams of drivers for future mobile applications.


"We are overwhelmed by the feedback we've received by our Facebook community, it really shows that this is a contemporary product that engages people. The red thread is that almost all ideas aim to simplify the everyday life; everything from having the app suggest the best route to work, find parking to help you find your lost car keys. This insight has always been what's guiding us and now it's been re-confirmed we're on the right track. Next step is that we'll have a closer look at these suggestions to determine if they should be part of the future of Volvo on Call", says Mikael Karlsson, Mobile & Digital Manager at Volvo Car Corporation.


Among the thousands of ideas that were collected through Volvos global Facebook pages there was a common characteristic that stood out when the results were tallied. What really unified users across the globe was the desire for intuitive features that simplified the life of the user and put them in control. People want to be reminded of the most basic but at the same time the most crucial aspects. A mobile application is there to simplify the life of its users and make day-to-day activities easier.


Most popular ideas not yet implemented in the application.

  • A feature that lets me find my car keys when I misplace them.
  • A feature that lets me pay for parking through the application.
  • A reminder that lets me know when my parking is about to expire.
  • A notification that lets me know how far the closest gas station is when I'm running low.

The second trend that emerged was the desired ability to tailor the driving experience down to the smallest detail. The application should remember all your preferences; chair and mirror settings and preferred routes. Notifications tell you when you are about to pass your favourite restaurants and when you are about to enter toll roads that you want to avoid.


What is Volvo on Call?

Volvo On Call is a safety, security and convenience service, featuring a highly innovative mobile app that puts you in constant touch with your Volvo. Lock the doors, find your car, view your fuel level and battery charge and set the heater by the touch of a button. By using your smartphone, you can communicate with your Volvo and control it wherever you are.


A new self-service site for the Volvo On Call

A new web-based self-service tool has been developed for gathering information about Volvo On Call application. The site gives customers opportunity to seek information from articles, user guides and FAQs. The site also provides useful information to anyone looking to buy Volvo On Call, or is just curious about the service.


Where is Volvo On Call available?

The Volvo On Call app is available in App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Market.  Volvo is the first car manufacturer in the world to offer this kind of app for iPhone, Android and Windows phones. The app is available for cars of model 2012 or later. If you want to try it out, just download it for free from Apple AppStore, Google Play or Windows Phone Market Place and test it in the demo mode.


The Volvo On Call App is available in the following countries (May 2013): Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland.


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