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Volvo Car Corporation's Most Interfering Summer Temp is Ronja from Herrljunga

Volvo Car Corporation's Most Interfering Summer Temp is Ronja from Herrljunga


Ronja Örtlund, 20, from Herrljunga in Sweden, will for four weeks accompany engineers at Volvo Car Corporation and she will also blog about her experiences. She is one of the twelve young people who have won "Sweden's Most Interfering Summer Job" at some of Sweden's greatest technology companies.


"Sweden's Most Interfering Summer Job" is a follow up to the TV-show "Felix Interferes with Engineers" on TV4. There, Swedish comedian and director Felix Herngren traveled the world to find out what engineers actually do for a living. Now, it's time for Swedish youngsters to do the same. Over 6,600 people applied to be part of the employer organisation Teknikföretagen's (the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries) summer work campaign that aims to create a fresh, positive image of engineering amongst young people.


"One reason for young people's low interest in engineering could be that the understanding of what the profession really incorporates isn't very good. This kind of project leads the way to further insights and we want to show how exciting it is to be an engineer at Volvo Car Corporation. You get to be part of creating the Volvo cars of the future!" says Linn Fortgens, IR and Sustainability Director at Volvo Car Corporation.

For four weeks this summer, Ronja Örtlund, who is highly interested in cars, will temp at Volvo Car Corporation to learn more about the everyday life of an engineer.


"I find cars really exciting. I very much want to work in the car industry and this is an opportunity for me to see if this industry suits me and to find out exactly what part of the industry I would want to specialise in. Being part of this project is also a way for me to show that there are many accomplished and technical women out there and hopefully I can inspire more girls to choose a career in technology," says Ronja.


Ronja has studied the natural sciences program at upper secondary school and has applied to the Machine Technology civil engineer program at Chalmers University of Technology, starting this autumn.

During her time at Volvo Car Corporation, Ronja will also blog about her experiences at

"It will be fun to share my experiences with others. It's human, isn't it, to want to tell about all the exciting things that happen to you. Hopefully, I can prove some myths about engineers wrong as well. I have thought that engineers sit by their desks doing maths all day long. But I know already that this is far from the case," says Ronja who has just started her time at Volvo Car Corporation.

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