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Volvo Cars Newsroom - now optimized for iPhone


Volvo Car Corporation has today launched a mobile version of its media site, Volvo Cars Newsroom.
The mobile version is optimized for iPhone users, but will work for other smart phone devices like  those using the Android architecture as well. The site will automatically redirect the iPhone user to the mobile version of the newsroom at


More and more journalists are using different types of smart phones for their research while attending a car exhibition, at a press conference or test drive. To be able to easily access press information without carrying around a laptop computer  has helped working journalists tremendously.


"Journalists working for print, broadcast and online media, as well as bloggers, need to be able to easily access all media that we as a company will provide; news, model information, contact information and so on," says Lena Pettersson, the manager responsible for the development of Volvo Cars' Newsroom. "They also need to be able to easily forward their gathered material," she says.


Volvo Cars' objective is to increase the ability of users to immediate share videos, images and links on a blog or an online daily. The new version makes it possible for a user to gather the material related to an interview recorded with their iPhone and to be able to refine and write about it later while at their computer.


Special requirements
Surfing the web on smart phones requires websites of a different sort compared with traditional sites. For example, graphics, text, videos and other content are tailored for mobile users.

A mobile site is a compressed website with custom features and assets specially designed for mobile devices. It is built to be easier to navigate while using devices like an iPhone. The regular  media site videos are provided in Flash - a format that isn't supported by Apple. But now the iPhone users will be able to view all the videos as well, thanks to the new mobile version.


Volvo Cars sales companies in Sweden, the Netherlands, the USA and Canada have all launched their mobile site versions today as well.


The development of Volvo Cars Newsroom is provided by the Canadian company, DMT.


Volvo Cars site for customers also has a mobile version
A mobile site for customers has been live since March, 2009. The information customers are looking for on mobile sites include product presentations, special offers and news. The site also has a car configurator where the user can build his or her own car by choosing a car model, options, colour and wheels, and then downloading the car as a background image on the phone.


Link to Volvo Cars Newsroom mobile media site;

Link to Volvo Car Corporation's international mobile site:

 or (the full site version address is


Link to DMT,



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