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Volvo is the 2008 best-selling premium brand in Russia

Volvo is the 2008 best-selling premium brand in Russia.


For the third consecutive year, Volvo Car Corporation succeeded in beating competition in the premium segment when the total 2008 car sales were added up.


All told, Volvo sold 21,041 cars in Russia last year. The bestseller was the Volvo XC90, which accounted for more than one-third of the sales.


"The broad offer of XC-vehicles in the SUV-segment made Volvo the leader in Russia: XC70 and XC90 are the key drivers of sales growth in 2008", says David Thomas, President of Volvo Car Russia."


These two models increased their sales volumes by 90 percent and 17 percent respectively compared to 2007, when Volvo sold a total of 21,077 cars in Russia. The new XC60 was launched in 2008 and added 190 cars to the total sales figures.


The Volvo XC60 crossover was in January 2009 awarded the 'Golden Klaxon' by the magazine Klaxon.


"In 2009 sales of the new XC60 crossover will get up to full speed in Russia. It is expected to be another bestseller of Volvo. We can clearly see that Russian customers appreciate Volvo's  premium cars, looking at sales results , " says David Thomas.


"Volvo's success in Russia is explained by the fact that Russians appreciate the brand's safety focus and Scandinavian design. At the same time Volvo is regarded as a car that can handle the sometimes severe climate of Russia, adds David Thomas.


Volvo Russia Sales Results 2004-2008

 VOLVOBody type2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 
 C30 coupe 0 0 5 1,796 1,351
 C70 coupe/convertible 0 0 0 52 86
 S40 sedan 1,177 862 2,384 4,668 3,719
 S60 sedan 1,578 1,437 2,547 3,537 2,715
 S80 sedan 1,207 1,179 1,465 2,669 2,106
 V50 sports wagon 114 120 215 368 339
 V70 estate 105 120 120 173 172
 XC60 crossover 0 0 0 0 190
 XC70 crossover 318 559 1,091 1,655 3,144
 XC90 SUV 502 1,362 2,976 6,159 7,219
 TOTAL:  5,001 5,639 10,803 21,077 21,041

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