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First victory for Volvo Polestar C30 in STCC



Robert Dahlgren was outstanding in his magnificent Volvo C30 racer in the Swedish Touring Car Championship.


There was no doubt it was time for the first victory. The Volvo team Polestar arrived to Våler in Norway and the tenth STCC round of the season with one specific goal only. To win! Two weeks earlier, Polestar had spent a whole week at Våler testing. The worst lap time during that test was better than the fastest lap time in 2007 with the S60 car. Best of all, the C30 car worked very well with the tyres.

The Volvo drivers Robert Dahlgren and Tommy Rustad started the tenth STCC round solidly. They were quickest and next quickest in the opening qualifying - only four tenths of a second or 1.6 meters apart over the 2,300 meter long track. Fredrik Ekblom in BMW then surprised all in super pole by claiming pole but would later show he would not have a chance against Volvo this day.

One lap into the race, from second start position, Dahlgren flies past Ekblom on the straight and up in the lead. A lead he convincingly held to the finish. One lap later, home favourite Tommy Rustad, who started third, closes in on Ekblom. Three corners later Rustad decides to pass Ekblom in the last corner before the pit straight. Ekblom fights back and they collide. Ekblom drops to last place and loses his chances for the championship title. Instead, Richard Göransson secures the title with one race yet to go. Rustad drops five positions and is also disqualified three laps later.

After the race, joy was at maximum with the Volvo team Polestar. Happiest of them all was Robert Dahlgren;
"I am very happy to win this one for Volvo and Polestar and in front of a full grand stand of Volvo Technician Day mechanics. I know how hard everyone involved from Volvo and Polestar has worked for this."
Volvo Car's own motor sport department was of course on site and eagerly counting down lap after lap, all 38 laps, with Dahlgren in the lead before victory was secured.

"Very nice with a victory. Now we look forward to fight for the championship next year", says Derek Crabb, Motor sport director at Volvo Car Corporation.

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