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Climate, Safety and Leadership in focus in Volvo Cars' Sustainability Report 2007

Climate, Safety and Leadership in focus in Volvo Cars' Sustainability Report 2007

Volvo Cars has published its seventh Sustainability Report. The report describes activities and improvements within the sustainability area for year 2007. This year's report is divided into three main areas: environment with focus on climate change, safety with focus on active safety and leadership as a means to improve performance.



Volvo Car Corporation publishes a Sustainability report each year. The purpose is to highlight different activities within the field of sustainability over the past year. The company's efforts to fulfill the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, which Volvo Cars signed in 1999, are also a focal point of the report.


Reporting on sustainability is both a way of informing about progress in this area and a way of promoting dialogue with other stakeholders in society (such as authorities, non governmental organisations, academia and suppliers). The process for developing this report was to carry out internal and external stakeholder dialogues resulting in a priority list of issues to be reported on for the year. 


This year, the report focuses on how Volvo Cars works to lower climate impact through efficiency, alternative fuels and hybrid technologies. Also included in the report is work on vehicle safety, Volvo Cars' most important asset. The goal is to protect all people in traffic situations including the driver, passengers and pedestrians.

The third main area in the report is the importance of management and leadership for improvement. In this context, the focus is on how the company works with health and safety, diversity, suppliers and quality. The report describes how continuous improvements within these areas will bring sustainability both to the company's business and to society as a whole.


"We are convinced that sustainability is a goal which we will achieve only if we continue to improve our ability to cooperate across borders both regarding disciplines, backgrounds and cultures. By doing so, we believe we will find the most cost-effective and creative solutions to the challenges we share", says Fredrik Arp, President and CEO of Volvo Car Corporation.


More information about Volvo Cars work with sustainaiblity issues including how the company complies with Global Reporting Initiative guidelines can be found at The Sustainability Report is also available in pdf format  (see additional information).

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