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Award to Volvo Cars for unique load-anchoring system


Volvo Cars came out top in Britain's Power of Aluminium Awards for the company's new load-anchoring system installed in the new XC70 and V70. "The system with its embedded eyelets is unique. It means a lot to Volvo Cars that we have won this award," says Karin Lejonbäck, group manager at the Interior & Climate department.


Set into the floor of the luggage compartment of the new XC70 and V70 are load rails made of aluminium. Running in the rails are four sliding hooks or eyelets that are used to secure cargo.


What is unique about this solution is that the eyelets lie flush with the floor's surface when they are not in use, they can be moved steplessly and they are self-locking in the raised position when in use.


The Power of Aluminium Awards ranks the concept very highly - it was given first prize in the Transport category. The award was presented recently at a ceremony in Warwick in England.


"This is the first time Volvo Cars has received this award. We have also made it to the next round of this year's Henry Ford Technology Award, an internal innovation contest, with this function," relates Karin Lejonbäck.


The solution is developed in cooperation with aluminium profile supplier Sapa.

2008, 2009, XC70 (2008-2016), V70 (2008-2016)
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