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Volvo S80 Executive - a Swedish luxury car

  • A quiet beauty with tasteful Swedish elegance
  • Well-designed interior with authentic materials and attention to details
  • Integrated DVD system and refrigerator


Ever since 1927, Volvo has produced safe and functional cars of premium quality. Among the most exclusive models, we remember the P1800, driven by Roger Moore in the classical TV series "The Saint", and the Volvo 780, designed by Italian Bertone. With a Swedish design DNA and the Volvo S80 Executive, Volvo is presenting a new take on luxury to reinforce its position in the prestige segment.


Swedish luxury
"With our large prestige sedan we are challenging the very best in the segment by offering refined Swedish luxury, in other words clean and elegant lines with intelligent functionality focusing on the user's well-being. Every single detail has been designed to create a highly comfortable package with a solid aura of elegance," says Fredrik Arp, President and CEO of Volvo Car Corporation. 
The way Volvo Cars sees it; Swedish luxury radiates a different, more human prestige by combining aesthetics and technology in an inviting and sophisticated way. Swedish luxury conveys an image of a conscious person who is equally attracted by well thought-out functionality and a feeling of responsibility as he or she is by aesthetics and prestige. The Volvo S80 Executive customer gets an authentic premium car that expresses good taste, intelligence, confidence and a sufficient level of discretion. The Swedish appreciate luxury and want it to be clear and unmistakable, but never in your face.


Influenced by modern Swedish design the Volvo S80 Executive is all about details. The elegance is articulated by clean lines and careful choice of authentic materials. In the generous interior space you find a walnut centre stack and aniline leather seats, sewn with utmost craftsmanship, adding first-class comfort for all passengers. Combine the authentic materials with a high specification level - an integrated DVD system for the rear seat passengers, a refrigerator and an audio system of absolute world class - and the compartment becomes as comfortable and inviting as a Scandinavian living room. Then add Volvo's world-class safety and environmental considerations and you get a Swedish luxury experience on the road.


Exclusive exterior with unique parts
The Executive badge is a discreet indication that this is a luxury Volvo beyond the norm. Among the exterior details that give the Volvo S80 Executive its exclusive character are the uniquely coloured grille and several chrome sections, for example on the air intake and around the fog-lights. Even the lower door mouldings and rear lights have chrome trim.

Four of the seven alternative exterior colours have a pearl finish with a very elegant lustre. The exclusive, turbine-like eighteen-inch Balius wheel adds yet another dimension to the feeling of exclusivity.
"Our design goal was that the Volvo S80 Executive should express timeless elegance, alertness and smooth movement. We aimed to achieve this with rounded shapes, higher haunches and more sweeping lines," says Steve Mattin, Senior Vice President Design Director at Volvo Cars. "Look at the Volvo S80 Executive and you see a self-evident yet discrete luxury car."


Inspired by nature
Earlier this year the Volvo S80 was honoured with Ward's Auto Worlds "Best Interior Award" for best interior in the premium-priced automotive realm, chosen upon the basis of comfort, safety and design harmony. The interior is characterised by clean surfaces, harmonious lines, exciting contrasts and intelligent functionality - an expression of Swedish design tradition that helps create a dynamic and harmonious interior.

"Just look at the upper part of the instrument panel," says Steve Mattin. "To me it looks like an untouched snow-covered meadow, with its flowing lines and windswept chamfers, traversing across the top of the instrument panel. And that's exactly what Swedish design is all about - inspiration from our natural surroundings."

Ergonomic seats and elegant door panels clad in soft aniline leather contribute to the first-class feeling in the passenger compartment. The naturally tanned Swedish cow leather comes from Elmo, well known for delivering top-of-the-line leather to the most exclusive Swedish furniture designers. Since the leather has not been treated it breathes, giving the seats natural ventilation. The material give an authentic feeling to the compartment, enhanced as the leathers gets a fantastic patina with time, just like a design chair from legendary designer Bruno Mathsson. The craftsmanship is further articulated by the discrete stitches used for the seats, inspired by the clean lines in contemporary Swedish furniture design.

The tone in tone piping, and stitching in the doors armrest also bring in that extra elegant refinement, and specially designed, extra thick carpets reinforce the sober impression. 

The modern, super-slim centre console in walnut is another vital item proving Volvo's high level of craftsmanship. The complete walnut centre stack is enhanced with an aluminium insert, and tailored to stretch all the way to the rear seat, the console hosts a number of smart functions for storing and connecting accessory equipment, such as an iPod.


Refrigerator, entertainment and first-class audio system
The opportunity to install a fridge in the rear seat, combined with storage space for crystal glasses from Bertil Vallien of Kosta Boda, also contributes to the enhanced feeling of luxury and comfort.  
As an option, there is an advanced entertainment system for rear seat passengers. An integrated DVD player, 7-inch screens built into the head restraints, wireless headphones and a remote control are included in the system. You can also connect a computer game or a video camera. 

The Volvo S80 Executive is not only a car, it is also a rolling concert hall. For the music connoisseur, it can be equipped with one of the best audio systems in the world, Volvo Premium Sound. A digital amplifier from Alpine with Bang & Olufsen PowerHouse ICEPower® technology, Dolby® Pro Logic II Surround and loudspeakers from Dynaudio® of Denmark give an audio experience of the very highest premium level.


Luxury is the ability to care
Swedish luxury is not only about allowing oneself the best and the most prestigious. Volvo's luxury car also offers you the ability to care for your fellow passengers and for the environment.

As a world-leader in the area of safety Volvo offers the latest technology and patented active safety systems, detecting risks at en early stage and thereby preventing accidents. Volvo's Adaptive Cruise Control helps you to automatically adjust speed to maintain a driver-selected distance from the vehicle ahead. Volvo's Collision warning with brake support provides the driver with radar, monitoring the area in front of the car. If the driver does not react when approaching another vehicle, a red light is reflected on the windscreen, a buzzer sounds and when the driver reacts the braking power is already boosted by the system. Volvo's PCC (Personal Car Communicator) remote control is another world-first, featuring a number of intelligent security functions. Even before you reach the car you can see if the car is locked or if the alarm has been activated. A heart beat sensor will also warn the driver if someone is hiding in the car, something that is a concern in some markets. The Personal Car Communicator also provides keyless entry and keyless drive.   

Volvo Cars has made extra effort to get the best interior air quality on the market. With its sophisticated climate unit and careful choice of interior materials, the Volvo S80 Executive equipped with Clean Zone Interior Package meets the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association's extremely stringent criteria.


Powerful driveline
The engine range for the Executive includes a wide range of powerful and energy-efficient engines. There is the exceptionally powerful V8 engine, the T6 turbo as well as Volvo's new high-efficiency six-cylinder, 3.2 litre displacement, in-line engine. There is also the latest generation of D5 diesel engines, offering a very environmentally efficient alternative.

All are extremely compact and transversely mounted in the engine compartment for optimum safety and a spacious passenger compartment. All Executive engines are mated with a six-speed automatic transmission, engineered to handle the immense power produced by these cars.

The Volvo S80 Executive is also available with All Wheel Drive for extra comfort, driving pleasure and safety.
"A powerful engine is a must to succeed in the premium segment. Volvo puts forward a wide range of alternatives and whatever choice you make, the Volvo S80 Executive offers a premium driving experience in every respect," asserts Fredrik Arp.


A natural next step
The Volvo S80 Executive is a natural next step for Volvo Cars and with its Swedish take on luxury Volvo Cars expects a reinforced position in the premium segment.

"In addition to being safe, well-designed, high quality and functional the Volvo S80 Executive offers all those little extra details that enhance the luxury experience. The Volvo S80 Executive is a quiet beauty that helps Volvo to push forward its position in the premium segment. We are convinced that we have a particularly strong product here, and with our own take on luxury we offer something special for demanding customers," says Silvia Güllsdorf, business project manager for the Volvo S80 Executive.

2008, S80 (2008-2016)
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