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Magnus Hellsten of Volvo Cars receives 2007 Production Manager of the Year award in Sweden



Magnus Hellsten, Senior Vice President Manufacturing, became Production Manager of the Year in Sweden at the 600Minutes Production conference. Mr Hellsten received the award for his work in transforming Volvo Cars' manufacturing system - Best in Class - into Europe's most efficient in its class.

Best in Class (BiC) aims to make the Volvo Car Corporation one of Europe's three best and most cost-efficient manufacturers and suppliers in the premium segment. This method is attracting attention outside the company too. Last week in Stockholm, Magnus Hellsten was rewarded for the successful work with BiC.

Hellsten, who has worked at Volvo Cars for 27 years, feels that the improvement in production is largely a matter of endurance and of never relaxing one's guard. He feels that the main reason why he received this award is because he succeeded in surrounding himself with skilled experts, managers and employees who have helped him implement new ideas.

"Our success with Best in Class is a result of true teamwork," says Mr Hellsten. "Although our journey has been challenging, I feel that employees from all levels in our manufacturing system have been supportive and have made fantastic efforts to improve our efficiency and quality."

He continues:
"This award should be seen as an acknowledgement to our whole manufacturing organization, showing that we are moving in the right direction and increasing our competitiveness. I am really proud of what has been achieved so far and I am looking forward to continuing on our journey towards Best in Class."


Volvo Cars Manufacturing improved its efficiency by 10 percent in 2006 and by another 10 percent in 2007.
"Our aim is to achieve 10 percent in 2008 as well. It is important not to lose momentum and to continue this development faster than the competition can," explains Hellsten.



What is 600 Minutes Production conference? 

On the 7th of February, Management Events organized 600Minutes Production. The day ended with an announcement of the winner of "Production Manager of the Year" award.
600Minutes Production, organized by Management Events, is a free-of-charge and restricted guest event as well as a meeting place for the executives and decision makers at the biggest companies within production in Sweden. There were approximately 80 Production managers attending the event to meet and exchange news to a background of case-presentations and networking.
As event's name suggests the 600Minutes Production gathers the most important decision makers of different business branches in order to exchange ideas and get the latest information about the most topical issues of production. The event offers 600 minutes of visions, experiences, views and new ideas how to develop the operations in organizations.
At the event the attendees could choose to take part of seminaries, group discussion and Keynote presentations.
Among the speakers at 600Minutes Production were: Thomas Andersson, Programdirector VCM, Volvo Cars, Turild Öhman, Manager Human Resources, SSAB, Fredrik Nordström, Regional Manager Europé, ME & Africa ABB, Göran Lundgren, Production Manager Vattenfall Nordic, Vattenfall, Mats Jackson, Professor, Mälardalens Högskola, Stefan Palskog, CEO, Scania Dynamate
Chairman was Hans Reich, Professor ProDesign, Chalmers Industrihögkola.
During the extensive research of the event's content, decision makers within production and manufacturing nominated candidates to the award "Production Manager of the Year", a person managing to improve production processes. Four candidates were nominated by the members and the participating members at the confereces picked the winner by voting at the conference.

The prize was granted to a person who together with his co-workers has improved their production processes in the most innovative way. The winner was: Magnus Hellsten, Senior Vice President Manufacturing, Volvo Cars for working with constant progress and positive changes during the past year and made it possible to increase profit in a competitive sector.
Management Events have over 13 years of experience organizing high-quality invitation only events for top decision makers. A unique event concept has received a lot of recognition and invited quests can enjoy events in seven European countries.



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