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Thed Björk continues STCC victory charge with a new double


Thed Björk continues his STCC victory flow and scored an absolute maximum this weekend at Karlskoga: two pole positions and two victories.


"It has been an awesome weekend! The double pole was the foundation for the double win, I could just go flat out in the races. The team gave me a great car, I wouldn't be on top of the podium without them, so a huge thanks to all of them," said Björk.

Thed Björk continues STCC victory charge with a new double

Fredrik Ekblom was second best point scorer after team mate Björk with fourth in the first race and a strong second in the second race after a hard fight with BMW driver Richard Göransson.


"It was a fun second race, I had a good fight with Richard where I came out on top in the end after he gave me a shove in the beginning of the race. The weekend has been good and I am happy with the points," said Ekblom.


The weekend was dramatic for Robert Dahlgren as well where he claimed second in the first race, just eight tenths from Björk over the finishing line, while the second race saw sixth position after an off-track excursion in the early parts of the race.


"I am pleased over second in the first race, good points and a good race. I hit gravel in the second race, pulled on to the circuit by other drivers, and went off, dropping to last position. I was able to fight back to sixth, a result I am not pleased with. We'll fight back at Tierp," said Dahlgren.


Linus Ohlsson secured third in the first race, but had to retire from the second race after going off in the same corner as Dahlgren.


"The first race was alright, it was nice to score my third straight podium finish. The second race was another story unfortunately as I was hit by Göransson in the first corner, dropping several positions. Then I hit gravel in the same corner as Robert and I sustained so much damage that I had to retire. Our pace was very good this weekend, but we didn't get the points from it that we hoped for," said Ohlsson.


Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte crossed the line in 12th position in the first race and had to retire from the second race after getting involved in an incident with three cars on the first lap.


"I am not pleased with the weekend. The first race was okay, but the second race ended on the first lap. That is is just the way it is sometimes in racing and I am already focused on the next race," said Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte.

Thed Björk continues STCC victory charge with a new double

The double victory for Björk means seven victories in nine races and a lead of 69 points over BMW's Göransson with three race heats and 84 points left to fight for.


"We have raced in the STCC since 1996 with a lot of talented drivers and you can't be anything but impressed by Thed's success this year. The victories in the both races this weekend were very important for the season end sprint," said Derek Crabb, Motorsport Director of Volvo Cars.


The championship continues in two weeks at Tierp Arena.


Results Race 1 - Karlskoga

1 Thed Björk Volvo S60 18 laps

2 Robert Dahlgren Volvo S60 +0.482

3 Linus Ohlsson Volvo S60 +2.778

4 Fredrik Ekblom Volvo S60 +3.095

5 Richard Göransson BMW SR +11.071

6 Fredrik Larsson BMW SR +11.582

7 Mattias Andersson Dacia SE +13.389

8 Jocke Mangs Citroën C5 +15.945

9 Daniel Haglöf Saab 9-3 +18.457

10 Tomas Engström Honda Civic +26.166

11 Roar Lindland Saab 9-3 +38.080

12 Carl Philip Bernadotte Volvo S60 +50.368

13 Alx Danielsson Citroën C5 DNF

14 Alexander Graff Saab 9-3 DNF


Results Race 2 - Karlskoga

1 Thed Björk Volvo S60 18 laps

2 Fredrik Ekblom Volvo S60 +2.037

3 Richard Göransson BMW SR +4.123

4 Fredrik Larsson BMW SR +8.863

5 Mattias Andersson Dacia SR +15.948

6 Robert Dahlgren Volvo S60 +26.389

7 Tomas Engström Honda Civic +27.457

8 Alx Danielsson Citroën C5 +1 lap

9 Daniel Haglöf Saab 9-3 +2 laps

10 Roar Lindland Saab 9-3 DNF

11 Linus Ohlsson Volvo S60 DNF

12 Jocke Mangs Citroën C5 DNF

13 Alexander Graff Saab 9-3 DNF

14 Carl Philip Bernadotte Volvo S60 DNF


Drivers' championship

202 Thed Björk

133 Richard Göransson

126 Robert Dahlgren

112 Fredrik Ekblom

96 Linus Ohlsson

87 Fredrik Larsson

47 Mattias Andersson

47 Daniel Haglöf

40 Jocke Mangs

30 Robin Rudholm

10 Tomas Engström

10 Roar Lindland

8 Carl Philip Bernadotte

6 Alexander Graff

4 Alx Danielsson

3 Niclas Olsson

1 Fredrik Magnusson


Manufacturers' championship

397 Volvo

250 BMW

117 Saab

97 Citroën

64 Dacia

23 Honda


Calendar STCC 2013

04/05 Knutstorp**

08/06 Solvalla*

29/06 Göteborg*

13/07 Falkenberg**

10/08 Östersund*

24/08 Karlskoga**

07/09 Tierp Arena*

21/09 Mantorp Park**


* = One race

** = Two races


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