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Volvo popular among Hungarian car users


More than 2,000 Hungarian car owners revealed their opinion about their own cars and about other brands in the most comprehensive car-survey of Hungary in 2006. According to the survey in average Volvo owners are the most satisfied with their cars among Hungarian car users.


Auto2 Magazine and TARKI-Data Research completed Hungary's largest car survey based on completely new brand evaluation aspects in spring 2006. Results of the survey have been revealed only recently. The Mosaic-survey examined cars according to the aspects of motivation, satisfaction and comparison. The analysis reviewed the whole process beginning from the viewpoints of buying a car, evaluation of a car and until the aspects of exchanging a car.


The research covered four basic areas: it examined expenses, technological values, circumstances of driving and connecting services. Volvo earned the appreciation of car users mainly due to its reliability, high technological quality, comfort, safety and prices, and gained the first place in combination, in the absolute category.


"These surveys are highly important for us, since they provide even more feedback from customers in connection with our models and their satisfaction. We are pleased that Volvo achieved outstanding results also this time, similarly to the 2005 survey of Auto2 Magazine or on the previous surveys of Motor-Presse publisher company" - said Gabor Bodrogai, managing director of Volvo Auto Hungary.

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