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Strong sales start for Volvo Cars in 2007


The two first months of 2007 shows a sales increase of 9.7 percent for Volvo Car Corporation globally compared with the same period 2006. In Europe the sales increase is up by 13.7 percent. The positive sales trend started already during the fourth quarter last year, with an increase of more than five percent, and then continued with strong global sales showings in January (+6.3%) and again in February (+13.5%).


"The strong upturn in sales is very encouraging and it is the result of our new-model launches in 2006. Sales of the new S80, C70 and C30 are now starting to show a strong demand from customers," says Fredrik Arp, President and CEO of Volvo Cars.


It is Europe that is doing very well, in particular the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. Developing markets such as China and Russia are also continuing to show considerable growth at 83 and 127 percent respectively so far this year. 


In the USA, sales are still weak but the expectations are high when the new S80 hits the market during the first quarter this year. Initial reactions from customers, dealer and the US media are very positive on the important American market which will sell almost 35 percent of the annual sales volume of about 50 000 units.

"I am optimistic about Volvo Cars growth potential. We have ambitious plans for Volvo Cars and I believe we will see a significant increase in both production and sales," adds Fredrik Arp


Volvo Cars is in its most intensive product launch period in history and several new models will be launched during the spring of 2007 with the all-new V70 and XC70 launch at the motor show in Geneva this week.


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