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Ingrid Skogsmo left Volvo Cars in February 2008.



 Ingrid Skogsmo (born Planath)

Born: 12 July, 1961

Civil status: Married, two sons

Education: Master of Science, School of Engineering Physics,1985, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden.
Master thesis (in German) performed at M.A.N., Munich, Germany. 

Present position:
Additonal Assignments: Chairman of the Board of  Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP). (information at
Member of the Board of SAFER (information at

Previous positions:
2003-2008:  Director, Volvo Cars Safety Centre, Göteborg, Sweden, approx. 170 employees
2002-2003: Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, USA:Manager, Corporate Safety Strategy & Communication, Environmental and Safety Engineering, Ford Motor Company  

2000–2002: Ford Motor Company, Manager, Environmental & Safety Planning, Global Marketing

1999-2000: Volvo Car Corporation, Göteborg, Sweden Manager, Safety Strategies, Volvo Cars Safety Centre
1997-1999: Volvo Car Corporation, Göteborg, Sweden Manager, Safety Performance Standards and Accident Commission, Volvo Cars Safety Centre

1996-1997: Resident  Safety Specialist on the North American market, at Volvo Cars of North America 
1991-1996: Manager Technical Development and Strategy, Volvo Cars Safety Centre

1989 – 1991: Biomechanics Specialist, Volvo Cars Safety Centre

1987-1988: Test Engineer, Interior Safety, Volvo Cars Safety Centre 

1985 – 1986: Trainee, Volvo Car Corporation

Professional Education: International Management of Technology (Executive Program), 2005, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden.

Hobbies: Family life, jogging, skiing, family trips




Ingrid Skogsmo holds a Master Degree in Engineering Physics from Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden. She joined Volvo Car Corporation in 1985, and has worked in a range of positions, mainly related to car safety. She has been a member of several international working groups and authored and co-authored over 20 scientific safety papers. During 2000-2002 she  held positions as a Manager within Ford Motor Company in Dearborn for safety and environmental assignments.
Since 2003, Ms. Skogsmo is the director of Volvo Cars Safety Centre. The Centre is responsible for Volvo Cars' safety – from strategy and identification of future priorities, to realizing these in cars, to verifying the safety performance both in CAE, testing and the real world environment.
Volvo Cars' in-house research and development has resulted in several world first introductions – such as the Whiplash protection seat (WHIPS) and the Driver Alert system.
Furthermore, Volvo Cars is a committed member of several national and international research projects with preventative and active safety related focus, as well as crashworthiness programs.
Ms Skogsmo also serves as chairman of the board for the international Global Road Safety Partnership, working to improve road safety in the developing world.


A list of awards and publications will follow.



2006 Gustaf Dalén medal, Chalmersska Ingenjörsföreningen, Goteborg, Sweden, 2006

100 Most Influencial Women in North American Auto Industry, Detroit, MI, USA, 2000.

Award for Safety Engineering Excellence,  Presented by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,  USA, at the ESV Conference, Windsor, Canada, 1998.

Award for Excellence in Oral Presentation, SAE International  Congress and Exposition, Detroit, MI, USA, 1993.




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