Technical concept, II (parallel-connected) with text

Technical concept, II (parallel-connected) with text
The Range Extender is used to give the electric car more driving range. A turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine (190 hp), installed under the rear load compartment floor, can be used to drive the rear wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission. The battery can also be recharged via a 40 kW generator. Functionality: • Standard mode: Electricity from the battery powers the electric motor. • When the battery is depleted the petrol engine starts and powers the rear wheels via the gearbox. It is also possible to charge the batteries at the same time in order to save power for a pure electric drive later. • City mode: The petrol engine charges the battery via the generator. The battery powers the electric motor. • Sport mode: The petrol engine and the electric motors cooperate to offer maximum power. Note: The illustration describes the functionality of the technology. It is not showing the exact technical solution.
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