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Volvo V40 Cross Country - model year 2017

Volvo V40 Cross Country - model year 2017


The V40 Cross Country is a variant of Volvo’s compact 5-door premium hatchback and went into production in 2012. The V40 Cross Country shares much with its sibling the V40, but with the added styling and rugged looks of an all-roader.


In 2016 the V40 Cross Country received a major refresh, receiving the new face of Volvo with a distinctive concave grille, containing the new Volvo logo, and the “Thor’s Hammer” headlights first seen on the new XC90.


In addition to the exterior design updates a range of new interior and exterior colour and trim options were added.



As with all Volvos the powertrain offer is based on the Drive-E 2.0 litre turbo- and super-charged engines designed and built at Volvo’s engine factory in Skövde.


The Drive-E range of low emission, high performance petrol and diesel powertrains offer a perfect blend of driver enjoyment and fuel economy, whilst retaining a responsive feel for city driving.


More details around the powertrain offer can be found in the Technical Specifications.



The V40 Cross Country offers a full range of connectivity options that include Volvo On Call, a phone-based app that allows you to control certain features in your car, (such as pre-heating, locking and unlocking, navigation and vehicle location services and other features). Volvo On Call now works with wearables such as Apple Watch and Android Wear and also has Windows 10 compatibility, meaning that Volvo On Call can now be operated from your PC as well as your smartphone.


Sensus delivers a range of native apps offering streaming music via TuneIn and Baidu and geo-location services such as Yelp and Wikilocations. Read more about Sensus in our factsheet.



The V40 Cross Country comes with one of the most comprehensive standard safety offers available in the segment, including City Safety, which offers a range of collision avoidance and mitigation functionalities including pedestrian and cyclist detection.


See the Intellisafe factsheet for more information.

V40 Cross Country, 2017
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