Facts about the Lindell family

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Nils Lindell

Age: 52.

Profession: Organisation consultant, self-employed.

Interests: Family and friends, tennis, sailing, skiing and personal development.

Favourite food: Shrimp salad or grilled beefsteak along with Italian vegetable mix.


"We live a modern urban life. The children's schools have a large catchment area. Some of the kids' friends live 40 or 50 kilometres away. That makes for a lot of mileage by car. I'm really looking forward to driving an electric car with zero emissions. It'll also be exciting to use Vattenfall's smart Energy Watch system and see how exactly we use our electricity."


Alicja Lindell

Age: 51.

Profession: Deputy head of preschool, currently doing a three-year head teacher course in parallel with her job.

Interests: Family and friends, training (her favourite is Zumba), sailing, reading good books, home decoration and travel.

Favourite food: Saffron-flavoured fish curry


"I can cycle to work in 20 minutes, but with so many activities on our agenda I often have to use the car anyway. We can save a lot of carbon dioxide by planning better and more intelligently. We have already become more aware. Now that other people will be watching us it'll be fun to come up with solutions that might inspire others."


Hannah Lindell

Age: 16.

Profession: Studies at senior high school, first-year student at the YBC (Young Business Creatives) International Baccalaureate in Nacka.

Interests: Hanging out with friends, reading, riding, training at the gym, cooking

Favourite food: Grilled lamb chops spiced with thyme, accompanied by potato wedges


Jonathan Lindell

Age: 13.

Profession: Student. Seventh grade at the English School in Bromma

Interests: Computers, judo, skateboarding, playing the drums and guitar, hanging out with friends

Favourite food: Spicy mince sauce with pasta


Permanent home

Age: 34 (built in 1976).

Type: Villa made of wood and concrete, clad in dark red brick.

Size: About 200 square metres.

Heating: Direct electric heating, supplemented with an air-air heat pump. Underfloor heating in some rooms in the basement.



Make: Two Renault Scenics.

Ages: 7 and 10 years.

Driveline: Both powered by petrol engines.


For more information, please contact:

Petra Cederhed, A-hus, phone: +46 (0) 340-66 65 10, e-mail:

Mikael Björnér, Vattenfall, phone: +46 (0) 730-54 82 29, e-mail: 

Malin Persson, Volvo Car Corporation, phone: +46 (0) 31-325 41 52, e-mail:

Anna Hedström, ICA, phone: +46 (0) 702-53 66 60, e-mail:

Tilda Björkman, Siemens, phone: +46 (0) 708-29 03 41, e-mail:

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