Demonstration - 2010 (no 3 out of 4 in row)

mai 25, 2010 ID: 32757
Demonstration - 2010 (no 3 out of 4 in row)
Road departure - Crash test performed in Volvo Cars' Crash test lab in which an S80 departures from a straight stretch of road at relatively high speed and then collides with the surrounding environment. This is a common accident scenario caused by the driver losing concentration or falling asleep at the wheel. A third of all Swedish road accidents involve a single car and this accident type often cause serious injuries. This accident can in some cases be avoided if the car is equipped with: 1) Driver Alert Control (DAC). A unique system that alerts tired and distracted drivers. The system monitors the car’s course between lane markers and warns if the driving is characterised by the pattern seen in tired or distracted drivers. 2) Lane Departure Warning (LDW). This system alerts the driver if the car wanders across the road’s middle or side marker lines without using the turn indicators.
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S80 (2007), Extérieur, Autres, Actualités Produit

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