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    The collaborative process that helped create the spectacular Volvo Your Concept Car that has dazzled auto show visitors, design students and industry experts around the world is potentially more important than the highly successful car itself, the team behind YCC says.
    Within the automobile industry, being assigned to a team developing an eye-popping concept car for the international auto show circuit is a two-edged sword for designers, engineers and technical experts.
    MONTREAL (June 16, 2004) – An imaginary woman named Eve, imbued with strong values and very discerning tastes, was a key member of the team of designers, engineers and project managers that created the first concept car designed by women, a conference of researchers and scientists working in the auto industry heard today.
    Designer Anna Rosèn's exterior styling of Volvo Car Corporation’s Your Concept Car (YCC) attempts to strike a balance between being functional and user friendly and, at the same time, sporty and emotional.

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