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2003 Volvo XC90: Many New Features



The Volvo XC90 SUV is completely new for 2003. Based on the P2 large-car platform, the Volvo XC90 introduces no fewer than five automotive world firsts.


Roll Over Protection System (ROPS)


As a leader in the study of automotive safety, Volvo has addressed one of the top concerns of today's SUV buyer, namely the occurrence of a roll over accident.


While the XC90's center of gravity was raised just 3.5 inches higher than that of the XC70, the commanding view today's SUV buyers crave hasn't been eliminated. In fact, the driver of an XC90 sits 6.5 inches higher than that of the driver of an XC70, allowing greater visibility of the road ahead while maintaining the handling traits of a lower-riding passenger car.


Sport-utility vehicles, because of their higher center of gravity over that of a passenger car, may exhibit a greater risk of rolling over during an extreme maneuver such as avoiding an accident. Enter Roll Stability Control (RSC), a Volvo XC90 exclusive that's designed to assist the driver in maintaining control during just such an event, and help prevent the XC90 from rolling over. RSC is an active stability enhancement system utilizing gyroscopic sensors to determine roll speed and roll angle. Terminal angle - the angle in which a roll over is immanent - is instantly calculated, thus triggering the XC90's standard Dynamic Stability Traction Control (DSTC) system. Once engaged, DSTC reduces power and/or brakes the necessary wheels to induce an understeer situation until driver control is regained.


In the event that a roll over does occur, the XC90's roof structure is reinforced with Boron steel, a metal that is four or five times stronger than normal steel.


Inflatable Curtain for all three rows of seats


Whether the XC90 is equipped with the standard five-seat configuration or the optional seven-seat layout, every passenger is protected with an inflatable side curtain that deploys from the headliner in the event of a side impact or roll over.


The curtain is designed to stay fully inflated for longer so as to offer maximum protection in a roll over situation. When deployed, the curtain follows the contour of the window glass as it inflates. If the occupant's head is resting against the window the curtain will slip between the glass and the occupant's head to provide enhanced protection.


Seatbelts with pretensioners in all seating positions


Complimenting the IC are seatbelts with pretensioners in every seating position, including the optional forward facing third row seats. In the event of an accident, the seatbelts' ratchet device reels the belt in, keeping all of the occupants firmly in place.


Integrated sliding child booster seat


The middle row of seats, designed like the seats in a regular passenger car, has a three-part backrest with a 40/20/40 split to offer maximum flexibility. The middle seat in this row can be equipped with an integrated child booster cushion. In an XC90 configured with the optional seven-seat layout the child seat can slide forward so that it is positioned just behind the two front seats, thus improving contact between the child and the front seat occupants.


Dolby 5.1 Pro Logic II surround sound stereo


Available as an option, the Dolby 5.1 Pro Logic II surround sound stereo system is an audiophile's dream-come true. An Alpine amplifier provides 305 watts of crystal clear music through 12 premium speakers. Also included is an in-dash six-CD changer. Five-passenger models may also be equipped with an optional 8-inch, 140-watt subwoofer for optimal bass clarity.

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