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Popular star of Volvo television spot retires to Florida


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ROCKLEIGH, NEW JERSEY - Her acting career was short, just one television commercial for the 2001 Volvo Cross Country. But after her memorable four-legged walk-on appearance in the Volvo spot, Tia the sea turtle will retire from acting and move to Florida to help promote the protection of her species.


In the commercial, which began airing in the fall, a couple stop their Volvo Cross Country on a rainy coastal road to help get a sea turtle off the highway and safely back to the ocean. The commercial was a hit with viewers and Volvo received over 1,000 letters praising Tia's appearance as a storm ravaged traveller.


Because sea turtles are an endangered species and cannot be handled, Tia is actually an amazingly life-like hand-puppet constructed with over 70 lbs of latex and fiberglass by a prop house in England. When Tia's road scene was combined with stock footage of a swimming sea turtle, the illusion of a real sea turtle was complete.


As a leader in environmental protection, Volvo has donated Tia to the Caribbean Conservation Corporation (CCC), a Florida group dedicated to the preservation of the sea turtle. Tia will be used to help the CCC with educational initiatives and ultimately reside in their headquarters.


"We have all enjoyed the great job Tia did for Volvo," says Bob Austin, Volvo Cars of North America's Director of Marketing Communications. "The CCC is a leader in the area of sea turtle conservation and we know that they will give her a good home."


Founded in 1959 by the father of sea turtle biology, Dr. Archie Carr, CCC helped discover much of what is known about sea turtles. The organization is credited with having saved the Atlantic green turtle from imminent extinction. Today, CCC conducts research and education programs in the U.S. and throughout the wider Caribbean. CCC's award winning website ( hosts a popular education program based on the satellite-tracked migration of sea turtles.


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Volvo Cars of North America

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Caribbean Conservation Corporation

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