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Five-plus-five adds up to performance in Volvo S60


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Five-cylinder engines and 5-speed transmissions add up to an impressive performance package in the sporty new Volvo S60 sedan.


The compelling math comes from extensive revisions to the proven and powerful engine family in S60 as well as a new transmission.


Although their specifications are familiar, the new model's in line 5 cylinder engines represent an extensive development of the versions that have powered previous Volvo models. Known as the RN series of engines, these aluminum alloy, twin-cam, 20-valve engines combine low-friction design and reduced component weight with improved engine management to create a responsive character and excellent driveability.


A major contribution to the improved performance comes from a 25 per cent reduction in the mass of the engines' internal components, where revised pistons, pins and counterweights generate a 3.5 to 4.5 kilogram weight saving. Reduced friction from a shorter piston/longer connecting rod design and other friction reductions have also contributed to reduced noise levels.


Continuously Variable Valve Timing (on the intake side of the normally-aspirated 2.4 and the exhaust side of the 2.4T and T5), a new engine management system, oil sump with integrated cooler and other developments over previous engines have also contributed to the highly refined nature of these versions.


Each engine has its own unique character and performance statistics. The normally-aspirated S60 delivers 168 hp and 170 lb./ft. of torque with smooth, flexible performance and good fuel economy. Low pressure intercooled turbocharging promotes the figures to 197 hp @ 6000 rpm and 210 lb./ft. of torque @1800-5000 rpm for the S60 2.4T. The performance of the S60 T5 is explained by the 247 hp @ 5200 rpm and 243 lb./ft. of torque @ 2400 - 5200 rpm from 2.3 litres with high pressure turbo and intercooler. The base S60 meets the U.S. Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) standards while the two turbo versions are Low Emission Vehicle certified.


A pair of 5-speed transmissions -- one manual, one automatic -- are teamed with the engines. A smooth, precise manual is standard with the S60 and S60 T5 (not available with S60 2.4T). A new feature for the S60 T5 is the 'spaceball,' an alloy-finished shifter treatment.


The new 5-speed automatic with electronic control and adaptive programming is an available option on S60 and S60 T5, and is standard on S60 2.4T. The Geartronic feature, available for automatic-equipped 2.4T models, gives the driver the option of manual-style sequential shifting. The new automatic features improved shift quality and reduced forward 'creep' when stopped in 'Drive'.


Getting the power to the road is aided by the inclusion of Volvo=s Stability and Traction Control (STC) technology, available as an option in the S60 and S60 2.4T and standard on the T5. Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC), a sophisticated traction and skid control feature, is optional on the 2.4T and T5.


Sporty sedans need powerful brakes and a standard 4-channel anti-lock system is enhanced with electronic brake distribution. S60 and 2.4T versions have 286 mm front discs and 288 mm rear discs, while the T5 discs are 305 mm/288 mm front/rear respectively.


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Volvo Cars of Canada Ltd.



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MacDonald & Co.


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