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ACC2: In the word of the designers


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ACC2 (Adventure Concept Car 2) OVERVIEW


Geneva Auto Show- March 2002



In the Words of The Designers:

Peter Horbury

Chief Designer, Volvo Car Corporation


The ACC2 is the ultimate car for driving Cross Country.


This is a car that is designed for the most remote corners of the far north of Scandinavia...where many people might want to go...but few will ever make it. short the ACC2 is a concept study for a high performance sports activity vehicle


The engine and chassis are the same as in the Volvo Performance Concept Cars...300 horsepower...400 Nm of torque... Continuously Controlled Chassis...and electronically controlled All-Wheel-Drive.


The unique "machine silver" colour emphasizes the dynamic look.


The flared wheel arches has a jet-engine inspired shape to accommodate the wider track...and give the car a capable stance.


The rally-inspired 18-inch wheels have studded tires, developed by Michelin. These so-called "run-flat" tires allow the driver to maintain control in the case of a sudden loss of tire pressure.


The interior of the ACC2 is inspired by the Swedish Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi and the famous Swiss Army Knife...a blend of cold surfaces ...warm materials...and smart functionality.


It also includes future technology...when it comes to integration of new IT solutions.


In the Words of The Designers:

Jonathan Dale

Studio Chief Designer, Volvo Car Corporation


The ACC2 is a fast driving machine on the Autobahn...yet is capable of traversing the most remote mountains...while fully loaded with adventure gear.


What's so special with the interior?


Featuring four areas:


First The Feeling.


There are a lot of naked metal on the inside...the alloy gives you an ice-cold it signals safety and strong, hardwearing durability.


But all the areas you come to touch are warm and soft...we have used natural leather and wool to create a cosy, comfortable feeling...contrasting the cold metal in a very exciting way.


One example...the warm woollen floor carpets are made of the same material as the Ice Hotel bed hats...water resistant...yet soft to touch.


Secondly...Functional Orange.


We have used the orange colour to highlight functionality.


Where orange is present there is a function or an interaction between the car and the occupants.


This includes the touch buttons throughout the car...the door handles and important safety the Whiplash Protection System indicator...and the Side Impact Protection bar in each seat.


The safety features have been made visible to emphasize Volvo's dedication to safety.


In most cars you don't see much more than the safety belt...but in the ACC2 this CrissCross harness... introduced last year in the Safety Concept far from the only visible safety feature.


You are also able to see the SIPS bar here...


The doors have safety bars as handgrips...they are part of the safety cage.


The airbag in the steering wheel is visible through frosted glass...and the same goes for the first aid kit... integrated in the front door.


...The Seat Design.


The ACC2 is a 2 + 2 seater... and the new seat design is one of its most distinctive features.


The thin contour is inspired both by Scandinavian wooden chairs and the dynamic seats in racing cars.


The fixed angle between the seat cushion...together with saddle inspired natural leather...and generous lumbar support...very ergonomic...very comfortable.


And very safe...the seat is designed to provide first class safety in all accidents...a must to be a Volvo.


The backrests in the rear can move forward to the front seats...creating a flat, efficient loading area.


...The Centre Console .


The centre console incorporates a whole range of high-tech features.


We call it a "utility belt"...with docking facilities for a range of gadgets...including a Personal Digital Assistant...PDA... camera...and digital video camcorder.


The portable PDA...has been developed in co-operation with Hewlett Packard...and it includes a telephone and a GPS which can be used On foot and On the road.


When you take the PDA out of the car it can send and receive information...this is really exciting.


Say "give me powder" and the PDA will surf the web to get you information about where the best, untouched snow is.


Point at a mountain and you get information about the slopes, weather conditions and snow quality.


If you are caught in an avalanche, the PDA will send an SOS ...and provide the rescue team with your exact position.


The system will even help you to find your way back to the car if the weather conditions get really bad.


Safely back in the car again...hook up you camcorder and watch your adventures on the screen in the console.


The "utility belt" also include MP3 and DVD players...thermos for hot drink...four glasses and orange cross country sunglasses. And we have made a special sleeping bag if you don't want to go home...


Some of this might sound complicated...even a little far fetched.


But all this technology is very useful...and organized and presented in a simple and functional fashion...very Scandinavian...very Volvo.


With this car Scandinavian form and function reaches its peak...again... the ACC2.

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