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Volvo Environment Prize seminar and award ceremony November 11, 2004

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The Volvo Environment Prize 2004 is awarded to Dr. David Satterthwaite, Mr. Jaime Lerner, Dr. Luisa and Dr. Mario Molina. The common denominator for these four winners is that they work with finding measures to counter the environmental problems resulting from rising urbanisation, particularly in developing countries.

You are welcome to participate in the seminar and prize giving ceremony on Nov 11, including a lunch with the Laureates, Hans-Olov Olsson and Leif Johansson.

Media Lunch
11.30-13.00 Media lunch with Laureates, Hans-Olov Olsson and Leif Johansson at Malmstensvåningen, Handelshögskolan, Vasagatan 1, Göteborg


Seminar and panel discussion
Is urbanisation something good for humanity?
13.00-15.00 Malmstenssalen, Handelshögskolan, Vasagatan 1, Göteborg


Cocktail Reception
Award Ceremony
16.00-17.00  Malmstenssalen, Handelshögskolan, Vasagatan 1, Göteborg


This is the fifteenth year in which the Volvo Environment Prize is being awarded to internationally renowned experts and researchers. The prize was established in 1989 to support and recognize environmental research and development. Since then it has gained the status of being one of the world’s most prestigious environment prizes.


Please contact Malin Persson +46-31-3254152, to sign up for the media lunch and book interviews. For accredited journalists only.


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