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Volvo Canada wins CAA Pyramid Award of Recognition for rescue worker training


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TORONTO (April 7, 2006) – The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) today recognized Volvo Cars of Canada Corp. (Volvo Canada) with the 2006 Pyramid Award of Recognition for its efforts to ensure the safety of fire, police and paramedic workers at vehicle crash sites.


The award was presented for online training materials developed by Volvo Car Corporation to help rescue workers recognize and disable the sophisticated, and potentially dangerous, safety systems found in Volvo vehicles. Volvo Canada conducted a campaign to notify safety and rescue organizations of the training materials, and to encourage their use by emergency workers.


“Through their awareness campaign, Volvo leads the automotive industry with a new perspective on keeping road users safe. Not only should we work to ensure the safety of motorists and their passengers, but the emergency response teams who arrive on the scene of a collision as well,” said David Flewelling, President of the Canadian Automobile Association. “In doing so, we reduce the likelihood of further injuries to collision victims. Volvo has taken an approach to traffic safety that is ‘outside the car.’”


Modern vehicle safety systems such as air bags can become dangerous to rescue workers if deployed inadvertently during attempts to extricate occupants trapped in badly damaged vehicles.


“There are lots of instances where there has been a crash and the appropriate safety technology has done its job to protect occupants, yet the car is sufficiently damaged that passengers can’t get out,” explains Bruno DiGennaro, senior safety engineer for Volvo Cars of North America. “But not all safety systems are required in all crashes, and that can lead to dangerous situations when rescuers start working with victims in close proximity to ‘live’ air bags and other systems.”


“Volvo has been devoted to safety since the company was founded in 1927,” said Steve Blyth, President and CEO for Volvo Canada. “But our safety commitment is not limited to protecting the occupants of Volvo vehicles in a collision. For Volvo, real-world safety requires a holistic vision that includes anyone who may come in contact with a vehicle, whether they are an occupant or not. Working to ensure the safety of rescue workers at crash scenes is an extension of that holistic commitment.”


About Volvo Cars of Canada Corp.

Volvo Cars of Canada Corp. is part of the Volvo Car Corporation of Göteborg, Sweden. The company provides marketing, sales, parts, service, technology and training support to the 43 Volvo automobile retailers across the country. The company’s product range includes the flagship S80 luxury sedan, the versatile V70 wagon, the S60 sports sedan, the compact and sporty S40 and V50, and an XC-line of vehicles that includes the rugged XC70 and the award-winning XC90 sport utility vehicle. For 2006, the company is proud to introduce the second-generation C70 convertible with a new retractable three piece hardtop.


About the Canadian Automobile Association

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is a federation of 9 automobile clubs serving 4.8 million members through 140 offices across Canada. CAA provides a wide range of member services and works to improve travelling and motoring conditions at home and around the world.


The CAA Pyramid Awards acknowledge innovation and initiatives in the automotive industry that contribute to traffic safety and our environment.


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