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The Volvo C30 Project – dynamic young urban customers in the spotlight


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GÖTEBORG (January 4, 2006) – The introduction of the Volvo C30 Design Concept in Detroit will give the world its first taste of Volvo Car Corporation’s C30 Project – an ambitious project with the objective of providing a new, young, dynamic customer group a Volvo it can call its own.


“We know there are a large number of fairly young, successful people who are attracted to our brand, but who haven’t yet found a model in our range that exactly matches their tastes and lifestyles,” says Fredrik Arp, President and CEO of Volvo Cars. “The Volvo C30 Design Concept was developed precisely for this group.”


During the evolution of the C30 Project, Volvo Cars organized customer clinics in several European countries. Young urban buyers with fast-paced careers and a busy lifestyle were invited to give their view on the car’s design and technical content.


For an active life in the city

The company focused the clinics primarily on singles and couples without children, potential customers who regard the automobile as a tool for pursuing their lifestyles. When they buy clothes, decorate their homes or purchase electronics, Volvo Cars learned that design and brand name are particularly important factors. The company also found that their car purchase decisions follow the same criteria.


“These customers move at a fast pace -- home, work, meetings, the gym and their favourite restaurants and nightclubs in town,” explains Håkan Abrahamsson, C30 Project Director. “Many of them describe their ideal car as a runabout – a nimble car to get them where they want to go. They focus on attractive design and entertaining driving properties and rarely have more than two people in the car.”


Design inspiration from the SCC

The customer clinics confirmed that the company had chosen the right path. A sporty design with two doors, four individual seats and lines inspired by the Volvo Safety Concept Car, makes the forthcoming production model a keen contender in a segment where competition for customers is razor-sharp.


“At the Milan clinic, one of the participants said, ‘At long last an exciting new challenger in the segment, probably my first Volvo.’ It’s an excellent reflection of our ambition for the C30 project,” says Abrahamsson.


Unveiling in Paris in 2006

The Volvo C30 Design Concept, which is being shown at the 2006 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, offers a taste of what’s to come in the C30 production model. The wraps will come off the new Volvo C30 at the Paris motor show in September 2006, and the car will be successively introduced throughout the world at the end of the year.


“The Volvo C30 plays an important role in the hunt for sales growth to 600,000 cars a year,” says Arp. “It is vital that we broaden our model range so that customers with an active urban lifestyle can choose a Volvo with the right appeal as early as possible.”


“The C30 promises to build on the success of the Volvo S40 and V50 – cars that brought the Volvo brand to young families who might not have considered us before,” adds Steve Blyth, President and CEO of Volvo Cars of Canada Corp. “The success of S40 and V50 prove that we can reach new, young buyers with cars that appeal to them on their terms. The C30 will find favour with singles and young couples the way S40 and V50 resonated with young families.”


Volvo Cars of Canada Corp. is part of the Volvo Car Corporation of Göteborg, Sweden. The company provides marketing, sales, parts, service, technology and training support to the 43 Volvo automobile retailers across the country. The company’s product range includes the flagship S80 luxury sedan, the versatile V70 wagon, the S60 sports sedan, and the completely redesigned S40 sports sedan and V50 sportswagon. For buyers looking for more rugged versatility, the Volvo XC-line of vehicles that includes the XC70 and the award-winning XC90 sport utility vehicle.


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