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The all new Volvo C70 – Convertible with reinforced roll-over protection


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  • Hydroformed A-posts can support more than twice the car’s weight
  • More effective roll-over protection – ROPS (Roll-over Protection System)
  • Door-mounted inflatable curtain contributes to roll-over protection


GÖTEBORG (September 22, 2005) – Thanks largely to a dynamic chassis and a torsionally stiff body, the new Volvo C70 has very stable driving demeanor. With a low centre of gravity the risk of the new convertible rolling over is low, but Volvo Car Corporation cannot disregard the possibility. Because the car does not have a fixed roof, the demands on the windscreen pillars – the A-posts – are high.


“Each of the A-posts in the new Volvo C70 is designed to carry more than twice the car’s weight in the unlikely event that the car rolls over,” says Ingrid Skogsmo, head of Volvo Cars Safety Centre.


Behind this strength lies an advanced production method: hydroforming. A hydroformed beam can be formed in one single piece with varying shape and thickness along its length without compromising its integrity. That is why the A-posts in the new Volvo C70 have been able to be formed optimally without any joints, seams or sharp angles. What’s more, they stretch all the way down to the sill beams. The A-posts are made of Extra High Strength Steel, which contributes to effective roll-over protection.


Further-developed Roll-over Protection System – ROPS

Like its predecessor, the new Volvo C70 has sturdy metal arches that come up behind the rear seat passengers to create extra head room in the event of a roll-over. The system, known as the Roll-over Protection System (ROPS), has been further refined in a number of ways. For one thing, the arches are stronger and for another, they are deployed far faster than before. They are activated with the help of a pyrotechnical charge.


Since the all new Volvo C70 has a rear window of glass, the arches are pushed up through the window if the roof is up. They therefore feature small hardened tips to break through the glass.


Door-mounted inflatable curtains contribute to roll-over protection

Volvo’s inflatable curtains not only provide occupant protection in a side-impact collision, they also offer enhanced protection in a roll-over scenario. In the all new Volvo C70, the inflatable curtains have a unique design specially tailored for convertibles.


The curtains have an extra-stiff structure with double rows of cells that partly overlap one another. As a result, they can stay upright and help protect the head effectively even if the side windows are open. What is more, they deflate slowly to provide added protection in the event of a roll-over accident. It is a unique solution in the automotive world.


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