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Ground-level ozone is formed when nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons generated by traffic and other sources are subjected to sunlight. Together with other photochemical oxidants in the air, the ozone forms what is commonly known as smog. The problem is greater in summertime, particularly in the world’s major cities.


Smog causes breathing difficulties, eye irritation and reduced resistance to lung infections and colds. It is especially harmful to young children, the elderly and those with existing respiratory problems.


Volvo Cars was the first carmaker in the world to commercialize the technology known as PremAir, which was developed by the US-based Engelhard Corporation in collaboration with Volvo Cars.


Tests have shown that cars fitted with PremAir convert up to 75% of the ozone in the radiator cooling air into oxygen.


PremAir is standard on new S40 and V50 (4-cylinder), S60, S80, V70, XC70 and XC90 models.


PremAir is a registered trademark of Engelhard Corporation.

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